First Indonesia Youth Conference, Batam 22-25 June 2016

The theme is Preparation For The End Times.

Praise the Lord for the good turnout with many youths participating from other regions including Jakarta.

Praise and thanks be to God for the spiritual and physical blessings bestowed on Alfa Omega Ministry convicting the leaders to share and bless other churches as well.

By the grace of God, timing cannot be more timely for me and my senior pastor to share about both the spiritual and physical preparation for the end times preparing them on the right priority for their lives ahead as we see the market turmoil and lawlessness today.

Practical skills will be taught by my senior pastor on a day trip to another island as part of the physical preparation as we must come out of the god-less Babylonian system.




Testimony (11)

Since my first vision of 9/11, I had been waiting upon the Lord in prayer and diligent study of the Scripture.  I believed all along that God would reveal to me the message, and with this second vision (in late 2004), I was certain that He had called me to share a message about the coming collapse of the global financial system.  As I did not graduate from any seminary, or have any leadership position in the local church,  there was hardly any network to call upon to share the message.  I believed God would then open the doors for me.

Before I could go on the road to share the message, I was struck with excruciating pain at the coccyx, commonly known as the tail-bone, in 2006.  I could not sit down at all.  If I just sat down for a moment, I would feel excruciating pain.  The whole year was spent seeking specialist treatment and therapy.  Yet the pain did not diminish, and I was literally standing all the time while being awake.  The specialists told me that the wear and tear of my tail-bone came much too early, and there was no surgery to rectify it at that time.  I have learned to pray for all circumstances, and prayer in this instance was not only my first option but also the only option.  I learned to bear with the pain as time went by.  I believed God would heal me, as I still had a message to share.  He answered my prayer one year later.  I was completely healed of the pain.  Hallelujah !  All thanks and praise to God and Christ my Lord.

  • Extracted from my book, The Coming Economic Flood

Testimony (10)

I married at a young age, but my first son came seven years later in 1994.  I had two more children in 2003 and 2004 by the grace of God.  They are miraculous answers to our prayers.  My wife was suffering from endometriosis and was advised by her gynecologist to be pregnant again in order to be fully cured of that condition.  She had an earlier operation to remove the cyst (in 2002), but it grew back again.  She was already thirty-eight, and pregnancy risks were heightened.   However, the female gynecologist was both famous and a Christian and she encouraged us to try the in-vitro fertilization (IVF) program.

I reluctantly agreed to the IVF program, though I knew in my heart it would not work.  I told her that God would answer my prayer instead of going through that program, if God so willed.  (I was not disputing the fact that God could answer the prayer of childless couples through the IVF program, but I discerned it would not be the case for me.  We had this trust in God.)  We did the intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) procedure twice considering our near hopeless condition, but to no avail.

My eldest son and I prayed fervently for my wife’s healing and God did heal her when she was pregnant again – naturally !    Praise and thanks be to God  !

Though my wife’s medical condition and the arrival of two more children somehow consumed much of my attention, the blessings of God answering my prayer cemented my faith in God, and He was definitely getting my whole attention.

  • Extracted from my book, The Coming Economic Flood.