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All Healing Is Divine Healing

Several years ago, a man in a cell group meeting said it was ridiculous to say grace for the food on the table. He reasoned that he had to work and pay for the food and it was not given free by God. I retorted that he forgot the whole food production cycle is only possible by the grace of God.

Similarly, we tend to forget that all healing of our bodies is divine healing. God heals in several ways :

1. Through the immune system of the body.
2. Through the timely advancement in medical science.
3. Through deliverance.
4. Through miracles.

The function of the immune system God has put in our bodies is to protect against disease and also to cause self healing. At times, people develop cancer when the cancer in their bodies wins the battle against the immune system. But if we pray to God for wisdom in knowing the pathway of healing on what to eat to strengthen the immune system to fight again, it is possible to reverse the effects of the cancer, God willing.

Sometimes, when we pray for healing of the infirmity or sickness in our bodies which seems impossible at the time we pray, God may heal us when the time for science to finally discover the cure comes. The cure for tuberculosis was discovered in the early 20th century. Before that, it was incurable and terminal. So if one living in that period the cure was discovered while suffering from tuberculosis, he would find his prayer for healing answered.

Some suffered from trauma in the early part of their lives and when they were delivered by the grace of God, their health improved tremendously.

God is sovereign and He may heal through miracles too. We have enough testimonies today to prove He does heal miraculously. We must bear in mind that the healing miracle is God’s mercy and not a right of a Christian. Phil 2:25-27.

The example of the thorn in the flesh suffered by St Paul, which he had pleaded with God 3 times for healing to no avail, clearly tell us it may not be God’s will to heal all the time.

By the grace of God, we can know much about what to eat to prevent cancer and to strengthen the immune system through the amazing advancement of medical science today.

While praying for God’s healing miracle, we must also accept God’s common grace in praying for the knowledge of the medical pathway of healing from God, especially in knowing what to take to strengthen our immune system.

May God give us the discipline and knowledge to take good care of our bodies. All thanks and glory to our Lord God who always loves us.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Early Christian medical tradition owed much to Hippocratic medicine, even though it was based on Greek philosophy. Early Christians saw the physical aspect of Hippocratic medicine as relevant and useful.

The early Christians such as Basil the Great established one of the earliest hospitals.  Together with Augustine, they both acknowledged that medicine benefits the body while instruction benefits the soul, and the underlying source of the physician’s healing power comes from Jesus Christ.  Both presented medicine as symbolic of Christian benevolence.

For years, I have been skeptical of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) due to its underlying spiritual Tao belief.  Yet there are enough testimonies that TCM is effective in treatment.  A notable example is the treatment of eczema.  There is presently no cure at the moment but only relief management of this ailment at the hospital.  But there are so many documented testimonies of people being cured of it going through TCM treatment.  The TCM practice in using herbs and physical therapy like acupuncture might have certain scientific basis that might had been lost in centuries past.  Perhaps during the reign of Shi Huang Ti, the first emperor of China,  such medical knowledge were lost when he ordered the burning of all books.

Properly understood, the secular aspect of TCM is not incompatible with our Christian faith just like Hippocratic medicine.  Since I believe all healing is divine healing so TCM can be part of God’s healing too.   (In my gospel tract written for the Chinese, I mentioned that Dao De Jing,  the Taoist Scripture, contained much amazing knowledge of our Christian faith.

Presently there is much official opposition to missionary effort in China but at the same time, enterprises are encouraged to help the poor masses to cope with rising cost of living.  I believe TCM can be such a bridge to bringing much needed help and subsequently the gospel to the poor masses in China.


Testimony (18)

I believe all healing is divine healing because God is sovereign.  He can heal in several ways :

  1. Through the immune system of the body.
  2. Through the timely advancement in medical science.
  3. Through deliverance.
  4. Through miracles.

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I had sweaty palms since birth.  After I believed in the Lord in 1976, one of my frequent prayer requests was to pray for a miracle healing of this impairment.  My palms were so sweaty that I could not write on paper without damaging the paper unless I had a handkerchief to place in between.  I worried about going to social gatherings for I would feel very awkward and embarrassed when I shake hands with another person.

Since young, I was told that there was no cure. Nevertheless, I continued to seek specialist treatment every now and then while praying for a miracle cure for I believe God can heal through timely advancement in medical science.  There were some treatments which include electrolysis and applying corrosive chemicals to dry up the skin on the palms but I was often briefed that there was no cure up till then.  It helped for a few days and then I had to repeat the process again.  These treatments merely treat the symptoms and not the root cause.

That miracle came in 1996.  One evening while watching the news programme on TV, a neurosurgeon explained that he could treat sweaty palms by burning off the nerve which caused this condition but it was a dangerous surgical procedure. The next day, I booked an appointment to have this surgery.

By the grace of God, He had answered my persistent prayer for a miraculous cure.

Overcoming Depression

It is important for believers to know that negative emotions are not wrong per se.  We do read in Scripture of the strong painful emotion our Lord faced in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Paul revealed his depressing emotion in 2 Cor 1:8 that the affliction he suffered caused him to despair of life. Paul actually felt it was a death sentence but he was quick to realize the affliction was to make him rely on God instead of himself.  And God did deliver him giving him further assurance that God would deliver again. 2 Cor 1:9-10.

There is difference between circumstantial and clinical depression. One is triggered by circumstances like low self-esteem, abuse, loss of loved ones, divorce, or loss of job, etc, while the other is caused by physical disorder.

Clinical depression is just like any illness which need medical attention. As God is sovereign and all healing is divine healing, it is ok to seek medical treatment.

As for circumstantial depression, we read of how Paul and his missionary companions came out of it. They stayed rooted in God’s promises overriding their emotions with faith in our Lord – that trials are part and parcel of life, knowing nothing can separate the love of our Lord from them, and looking forward to the coming glory.

If one’s hope is on his achievement, career, loved ones or marriage and when these things turn negative, he will see failed hope and negative emotions will surface reacting to this failed hope.  But if this hope is placed on the coming glory, then no suffering is worth comparing to the coming glory as Paul reasoned.  Rom 8:18.

Feelings of depression can abate when one moves the focus from himself to Christ our Lord and others. Joining a support group and helping others more unfortunate can help him to shift focus away from himself.

Testimony (13)

I believed God had delivered me yet again from danger in this particular incident.  I could not remember this incident readily because it was a sad time in which many died tragically.

Sometime in early 2003, I had bacterial infection of the respiratory system.  I had to take a long 10 day antibiotics course.   On the 9th day, I traveled to Hong Kong to establish a branch office of my company.  I checked into a hotel in Kowloon at about 5 to 6 pm.   Feeling hungry,  I went for my dinner in a local restaurant.  As I was walking to the restaurant,  I began to feel unwell.   I felt feverish and I started seeing rashes developing on my hands.  I had flu symptoms as well.  As I was taking the antibiotics course up to the 9th day, I reasoned it could not be allergy.  I went back quickly to the hotel after a quick dinner and called my wife.   I told my wife to try to contact the specialist doctor in Singapore General Hospital who treated me.  She called back to say that the hospital had strict instruction not to allow such calls.   I told her to explain to the hotline operator that I somehow felt I needed some urgent medical advice.   My wife managed to get the hand phone number of the doctor for me.  Getting hold of the doctor on the line, he advised me to go immediately to the nearest hospital after I described to him about my symptoms of fever and rashes.  The urgency in the doctor’s voice somehow justified my concern.

The day before, I already read in the news that one entire Chinese family succumbed to an atypical pneumonia illness living in a hotel very nearby mine and doctors were baffled.   That explained my anxiety to reach the doctor for advice.

I decided to leave the next morning for Singapore instead.   When SARS broke out in Singapore,  only then did I know that the main carrier and super spreader,  a 22 year old lady, came back to Singapore one or two hours in an earlier flight than mine.  I could not remember now whether I stayed in the same Metropole hotel as hers but should be very nearby at least to be alarmed.

I did not have coughing symptom.   Some weeks later,  Dr Alex Zhao,  the heroic doctor who oversaw the treatment of the SARS patients,  also succumbed to SARS having only the symptom of rashes and fever.

I believed all healing is divine healing as God is sovereign and I believed God had given me the 10 day long antibiotics course in time to prevent the serious infection of SARS and I recovered quickly.   I read in the news that the 2 girlfriends of the super spreader who traveled with her on holiday in Hong Kong were also infected but they recovered very quickly within 2 to 3 days.  So I could have recovered very quickly as not to infect my family by the grace of God.

For me to live is Christ, to die is gain.  I believe God has always delivered me for His purpose so far till the fullness of time.   I give thanks in all circumstances.   All thanks and glory to His Name !

A Letter To A Brother Suffering From Cancer

Dear Brother,

Grace and peace to you from Jesus our Lord.

It is our greatest blessing that we have received Jesus as our Saviour and Lord. It is only a matter of time before we leave our fallen physical bodies and receive indestructible bodies when Jesus comes again. During this time in our physical bodies which will be subjected to pain and wasting away due to its fallen nature, God wants to prepare us to be more like Christ loving Him and loving fellow brothers and sisters, especially the least of them. That is the Revealed Will of God.

Allow me to journey with you in trusting God for His mercy and goodness. We are all expected to have a life expectancy of around 80 years, so it is imperative that our immune system will naturally weaken with age anyway.  In God’s Word, we find detailed instruction on the food we can or cannot take so as not to compromise the immune system.  Now even if we do everything right concerning diet, eating well and taking extreme good care of our bodies,  it is still a very short sojourn on earth as compared to eternity.

The Bible says in Prov 17:22 that a joyful heart is good medicine. So let’s start by casting all our cares and worries onto our Lord Jesus. 1 Pet 5:7.

Secondly, let’s pray and petition God for your pathway of healing.

Thirdly, be sensitive to the Spirit of God allowing Him to help you select the right option of healing.

Meanwhile, let’s look at some simple ways of strengthening your immune system.
It is to my knowledge that traditional Chinese medicine is effective because they do contain some chemicals that improve the immune system and it is helpful to use at times. But at this stage of your medical condition, it is a war against the cancer and not prevention. During prevention stage when our immune system is strong, small dosage of chemicals helps to strengthen it. But during the war stage, when the immune system is compromised, very much higher dosage of the chemicals and vitamins are necessary to fight the cancer. Here is a list of vitamins and chemicals that the medical doctor will recommend.

1. Vitamin E <= 1000 mg twice daily.
2. Multiple vitamins including zinc and B Complex 100.
3. Vitamin C 1000 mg twice daily.
4. Chromium picolinate 200 mg daily.
5. Yogurt 1 or 2 cups daily.
6. Coenzyme Q-10 (Co Q-10) 30 to 90 mg daily.
7. Garlic. One clove equivalent. Take tablets daily.
8. Selenium. It is toxic so use not more than 100 mg daily.
9. Echinacea. Can stimulate immune system but tolerance can develop. Use 2 to 3 teaspoons tincture daily. Use for 4 to 8 weeks and stop for 2 weeks.
10. Glutathione. 100 mg daily.

Fourthly, stand firm and believe God will give you the best option. Spend your time in thinking of helping others around you. Help your family to cope with their anxieties over you. It is better to bring joy to others than to worry.

Lastly, think of what you will do if God extends your life another 5 to 10 years, and do it right away.

We are all appointed to die once no matter what and to die is gain because we will be ushered into the presence of our Lord. Sometimes He takes us away because He may not want us to see the coming judgment.

Isaiah 57: 1-2. NLT.
Good people pass away;
the godly often die before their time.
But no one seems to care or wonder why.
No one seems to understand
that God is protecting them from the evil to come.
2 For those who follow godly paths
will rest in peace when they die.

In His love,
Your Brother in Christ

Postscript :
There is an URGENT need for all of us to grasp the biblical revelation of the living God who works primarily in nature not in supernature, in history not in miracle. …Once we begin to see the living God ceaselessly at work through the processes of history and nature, we shall begin (for example) to recognize that ALL healing is divine healing, whether without the use of means or through the use of physical, psychological or surgical means. The former should properly be termed ‘miraculous healing’ while the latter is non-miraculous, but both are equally ‘divine healing’. – Dr John Stott, Baptism and Fullness.

The Characteristics Of Self Deception

In Matt 7:21-27, our Lord mentioned 2 group of people who are deceived – those who made mere verbal profession (Matt 7:21-23) and those who have mere intellectual knowledge (Matt 7:24-27).  John Stott said that mere verbal profession and intellectual knowledge are “a camouflage for disobedience”.

We should note that our Lord was not speaking to anti-God people, or heretics, or atheists but to religious people who were obsessed with religious activity.  They were damned because they were self-deluded and on the wrong path.

They are excluded from heaven by self deception.  They have no intention to obey God’s commands.

John MacArthur gave these indicators for one to examine himself as well as spot one self-deceived person:

“How can a person know if he is deceiving himself?  How can we spot a self-deceived person?  Let me give you a list of things to look for.  However, just because a person fits the description of one item on the list doesn’t necessarily mean he is deceived.  However, the things mentioned here are good indicators to go by.

Is the person seeking feelings, blessings, experiences, healings and miracles?  This person is probably more interested in the byproducts of the faith than the faith itself.  He seeks what he can get, not what he can glorify God for.  He is more interested in pampering himself than in exalting Christ.

Is the person more committed to a denomination, church, or organization than he is to the Word of God?  That person’s Christianity may be purely social.  He’s the kind who says, “I’ve been a Lutheran all my life”, or “I’m a Presbyterian,” or “I belong to that church.”  He’s more committed to the organization than the Word of God.

Is the person involved in theology merely out of academic interest?  You’ll find this kind of person in colleges and seminaries.  He studies theology, and writes books about it.  Theology for him is an intellectual activity.  His life is void of the righteousness of Christ.

Does the person seem stuck over one particular point of theology?  This is the person who bangs the proverbial drum for his favorite topic.  Sometimes the area he emphasizes isn’t that profound.  He thinks he is close to God and has great divine insight that no one else has.  All of his activity is devoted to seeking attention to feed his ego.  Watch out for a person that has a lack of balance in his theology.

Is the person over-indulgent in the name of grace?  A person who lacks penitence and a contrite heart is self-deceived.”


Testimony (7)

My dad had a heart attack in mid of 2001. After being warded in the hospital, tests revealed 80% of his arteries and veins were blocked. The consultant surgeon briefed me on 2 options. One was to do nothing at all and the other was to opt for triple bypass heart surgery. The risks were high as my dad was diabetic and advanced in age at 70.

When my wife and I prayed for him, we knew in our spirit that God would heal him this time to hear the gospel and make the decision to accept Jesus as his personal Savior and Lord.

My wife shared with him the Good News and assured him that God would heal him. But she added that whatever was the outcome of the surgery, which he had already decided to go for it,  it was a wise decision to make peace with the one true God who is the Creator of this Universe right away. He readily agreed to receive Jesus into his life. And I sought the help of a pastor then to baptize him immediately.

The triple bypass surgery was not exactly smooth sailing. The surgeon told me later that he could not find a good vein at all. As he had to take a vein at the back of his rib cage, another surgical procedure had to be done. And he could only do the bypass for 2 of the arteries as the vein was short.

The surgeon was very experienced as he had done over 300 bypass surgeries and he told me that my dad’s case was the most challenging so far.

Over the next few days recuperating, the skin graft to close up the gaping hole in my dad’s chest was not healing at all and another skin graft had to be done. Yet again, it failed because of his diabetic condition. The surgeon told us to expect the worst as infection would set in. Meanwhile, there was the constant fear of other organ failure due to his diabetic condition.

The surgeon later suggested trying a revolutionary idea of running antibiotic solution over the wound all the time to see if it would heal by itself. There was hardly any more skin on his arms or legs for further skin graft.

We prayed and we knew God would heal him.

Then the amazing divine act of God’s providence happened. Skin started growing little by little, millimeter by millimeter, from 3 corners as the gaping hole was triangular in shape. It took another two or three months in the high dependency ward before the hole was closed up. Hallelujah ! Praise the Lord for answering our prayer then ! My dad had another 2 and a half years of quality life till the next heart attack on Christmas Day of 2004. The church pastor and several brothers and sisters, of the church I was attending then, were able to pray with him one after another before he went to the Lord that very day. He was conscious all the time till his heart just stopped. The next day, the massive earthquake and tsunami happened near Aceh, Indonesia.

My 89 year old father-in-law who witnessed this divine act of God’s providence was also ripe in his heart to accept Jesus into his life. Praise the Lord. The Lord is good.