Caroling Again

I have not been involved in caroling for the past 40 years ! Finally had the chance to sing carols and gospel songs and did street evangelism again in Chinatown here. Hallelujah ! I joined a group who has been active in street evangelism in Chinatown for the past 2 years.

It was raining cats and dogs at about 3.30 pm when I went to pick up the goodie bags which we would distribute at Chinatown on this Saturday afternoon. While putting the bags into the van and praying at the same time, I knew the Lord would grant my prayer for the program to proceed. The program could not be postponed because we only had two Saturdays before Christmas and it would take time to apply for the police permit for the event. Hallelujah ! The rain stopped completely at 4.10 pm. The program had to start at 4.30 sharp. While driving there, I told a brother and a sister in the van to take a look at the sky. There was still dense dark clouds to the north, east and west except over Chinatown. All thanks and glory to the Lord !

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