Faithful Churches In The End Times

In an article by Mr Steven M Collins posted in his blog expounding on the 7 churches mentioned in the Book of Revelation, he shared that the 7 churches are not just church types over the years but are also 7 actual church groups in the end times.  In my opinion, he may be right in his learned exposition and I took the liberty to summarize and include some personal comments to point more specifically to the present churches I see today in the following power-point presentation.

Five of the seven churches – Ephesus, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis and Laodicea – received rebuke from our Lord and stern warning to repent.   Only the Smyrna and the Philadelphia churches were not rebuked but were commended well on the contrary.

After our Lord foretold the birth pains in the end times in Matt 24 and Luke 21, He mentioned persecution will be next.  It makes sense that the Smyrna and the Philadelphia churches will be in a better spiritual and physical state to endure the coming persecution because the Smyrna church is poor and long suffering, and the Philadelphia church will be less conspicuous for she is of little power though faithful.

It will be wise to emulate the Smyrna and Philadelphia churches now so that we can endure in these latter days.




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