Reminiscing Ad-hoc Ministry Of Officiating Services

After God gave me a turning point in 2001,  I waited on the Lord for several years before He opened doors for my present ministry in galvanizing churches in the region to fulfill the Manifesto of Christ in the end times.  In between,  I was willing to serve in whatever ministry my service was required.

Just reminiscing the times when I was called to officiate  a Sunday worship service in a nursing home once a month alone and funeral wake service whenever the bereaved families were not able to afford such services.   I would be the MC, guitarist, worship leader and preacher all rolled into one including preparing and printing of order of worship pamphlets.

There were also cases when some churches refused to baptize new believers until they finished the baptism classes or for some other obscure reasons.  But these new believers were dying and could not wait and somehow I was approached to do it.

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