Partnership With Prison Fellowship Cambodia

Many pastors in the Third World countries, volunteering with Prison Fellowship International in rolling out the various programs, are poor.  They supplement their income with farming.  By the grace of God and His provision,  JC’s Manifesto is able to fully subsidize the training cost of the self sustaining agricultural enterprise program in support of the work of Prison Fellowship International in Asia.  God willing, we will also acquire a piece of land here to duplicate the same success in Alfa Omega Ministries.

After having trained two pastors from Myanmar and one from Philippines in a pilot program in early 2017, JC’s Manifesto is glad to kick off this year by sponsoring another 2 pastors from Cambodia to be trained in this program held at Alfa Omega Ministry, Indonesia.

The training will start after the pastoral conference of the Body of Christ Fellowship currently being held in Batam from 24 to 26 January 2018.   Some 300 pastors came from Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines,  Cambodia, South Korea and Europe to join fellow pastors from Indonesia in this yearly fellowship conference.


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