Pastoral Conference In Batu, East Java, Indonesia

Felt blessed to join fellow comrades in the annual conference in which the exhortation to be the faithful Bride and the necessary preparation to eagerly await the coming Bridegroom is resolutely shared.

Main Message :

To be people of His pasture, we must repent of our everything and surrender all.  The world is getting more and more lawless mocking God including the apostate church.  Homosexuality, and the chip likely representing the mark of the Beast show the spirit of Antichrist is already here. We must be presented as the worthy Bride to the coming Bridegroom.   Eph 5:25-27

Also felt blessed to be given some 15 minutes to share about the inevitable coming economic collapse.

All praise and glory to our Lord Jesus when all attendee pastors of different denominations and diverse cultures can come together for fellowship and to encourage one another to commit to be one in the Body of Christ our Lord eagerly awaiting His return.


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