Street Preaching

Some years ago, I went to attend the worship service of another church just to have fellowship with a friend I did not keep in touch for many years since we graduated from Singapore Polytechnic.

After the service, an Indian man came over with smile all over his face and he hugged me. I was surprised as I did not have any Indian friend then.

He told me that I gave him a gospel tract many years ago when we were teenagers.  He could even remember my name after all these years.

Wow ! Hallelujah ! Praise the Lord.

Even giving out tracts is good without pausing to share the gospel.

Last week, I witnessed again the impromptu street preaching done by my fellow ministry co-workers either giving out tracts or pausing to share the gospel. It gave us great joy to minister and pray for those who were oppressed and to lead a few unsaved to believe in Jesus our Lord as their personal Savior and Lord.


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