Testimony (13)

I believed God had delivered me yet again from danger in this particular incident.  I could not remember this incident readily because it was a sad time in which many died tragically.

Sometime in early 2003, I had bacterial infection of the respiratory system.  I had to take a long 10 day antibiotics course.   On the 9th day, I traveled to Hong Kong to establish a branch office of my company.  I checked into a hotel in Kowloon at about 5 to 6 pm.   Feeling hungry,  I went for my dinner in a local restaurant.  As I was walking to the restaurant,  I began to feel unwell.   I felt feverish and I started seeing rashes developing on my hands.  I had flu symptoms as well.  As I was taking the antibiotics course up to the 9th day, I reasoned it could not be allergy.  I went back quickly to the hotel after a quick dinner and called my wife.   I told my wife to try to contact the specialist doctor in Singapore General Hospital who treated me.  She called back to say that the hospital had strict instruction not to allow such calls.   I told her to explain to the hotline operator that I somehow felt I needed some urgent medical advice.   My wife managed to get the hand phone number of the doctor for me.  Getting hold of the doctor on the line, he advised me to go immediately to the nearest hospital after I described to him about my symptoms of fever and rashes.  The urgency in the doctor’s voice somehow justified my concern.

The day before, I already read in the news that one entire Chinese family succumbed to an atypical pneumonia illness living in a hotel very nearby mine and doctors were baffled.   That explained my anxiety to reach the doctor for advice.

I decided to leave the next morning for Singapore instead.   When SARS broke out in Singapore,  only then did I know that the main carrier and super spreader,  a 22 year old lady, came back to Singapore one or two hours in an earlier flight than mine.  I could not remember now whether I stayed in the same Metropole hotel as hers but should be very nearby at least to be alarmed.

I did not have coughing symptom.   Some weeks later,  Dr Alex Zhao,  the heroic doctor who oversaw the treatment of the SARS patients,  also succumbed to SARS having only the symptom of rashes and fever.

I believed all healing is divine healing as God is sovereign and I believed God had given me the 10 day long antibiotics course in time to prevent the serious infection of SARS and I recovered quickly.   I read in the news that the 2 girlfriends of the super spreader who traveled with her on holiday in Hong Kong were also infected but they recovered very quickly within 2 to 3 days.  So I could have recovered very quickly as not to infect my family by the grace of God.

For me to live is Christ, to die is gain.  I believe God has always delivered me for His purpose so far till the fullness of time.   I give thanks in all circumstances.   All thanks and glory to His Name !

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