Testimony (17)

Ever-since the turning point in Sep 2001 from which I came out of my career to wait upon the Lord’s calling, I had a small passive income business to meet some of the needs in raising my family.   But due to changing business climate, losses continued to pile up depleting the retained earnings in the company.

Since 2011, I had been praying and looking for a company willing to share the office with mine otherwise I may have to close down the office one day. The fact that my office has lasted for another 6 more years from 2011 till now testified enough of God’s goodness.

The D day finally arrived in September 2017.

By the grace of God, an act of God’s providence occurred.  There was a brother whom I just got acquainted in early 2017 and we met regularly for fellowship.   He learned of my predicament and suggested he could look into sharing my office but I had to wait till October 2017.

Though I am not really out of the woods now, but I would like to share this testimony to glorify our Lord’s name that He is faithful and He answered my prayer eventually in the nick of time.

I was also able to trim another major expense in the nick of time to continue leasing the office.  I really need the office to carry on my ministry.

All thanks and glory to our Lord.  Hallelujah !   Bless the name of our Lord !

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