The Blessing Of Religious Freedom

When God graciously opened the door for me for the first time in 2011 to start the mission of galvanizing churches to prepare for the end times,  I was invited to share a message in a nationwide pastoral conference held in Medan, Indonesia.

I was pleasantly surprised over the religious freedom there.   Vans were allowed to ply the streets with loudspeakers blaring about the event and the local main newspaper even reported on the event.   The whole event was broadcast on radio reaching out to millions of listeners in all corners of North Sumatra.

Utmost thanks and glory to God our Father and Jesus our Lord for the tremendous blessing of the availability of media like newspaper and radio in enabling the gospel to be shared so freely there.

Following is the translation of that newspaper report (translated by Google) :

“Thousands of pastors and congregations and various denominations of Church and Service Institution attend Seminars & Fellowship at once the PA & KKR services of the Body Building Team of Christ at the Pearl Building of Suara Nafiri Convention Hall.

Seminar & Fellowship sekligus worship that has been going on since Monday and ends today, Wednesday and open to the public from all walks of life. Church leaders, pastors and even church activists and Christian youth organizations come from various regions, such as from Batam, Pekan Baru, Jakarta, Surabaya including North Sumatra and even abroad Brazil, Singapore and Korea.

The keynote speaker at the seminar was Rev. DR Jhonston Silitonga (Batam) and testimony of the word from Ev Jhonny Pardede (Medan) and Pastor Antonio from Singapore. This Seminar & Fellowship is “The Hope Is Not Disappointing Because God’s Love Has Been Shed Inside Our Hearts By The Holy Spirit Who Has Granted Us (Rom. 5: 5).

The seminar and fellowship activities as well as the worship of PA & KKR itself are self-funded by all churches who are members of the Community Guild of Christ surrounding Medan in cooperation with the Radio Narwastu 97.9 FW Voice of truth that all activities are broadcasted directly to the listeners so that the congregation can be heard almost in all corners of North Sumatra.

The participants were very enthusiastic about following this activity, even the servants of God feel grateful to attend seminar & fellowship with the presence of Rev. DR Jhonston, Ev Jhonny Pardede and Pastor Antonio.”

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