The Hyper Grace Gospel Explained

I have exhorted on how to spot a false teacher and that is to test on the authenticity of his doctrine of Jesus Christ and the gospel he preaches.   Because he can masquerade very well as servants of righteousness, it will not be surprising that he can preach well on great truths of God’s grace.   But the servant of the devil will definitely twist the doctrine of the true Jesus and the true gospel for a different Jesus or a different gospel will lead one away into Christ-less eternity.

I have written an easy-to-understand summary of the major teachings of the hyper grace false gospel.  Till the false teacher recants on these major twists of the gospel, he is still trying to mislead the believers to travel on the broad road that leads to destruction.

An easy-to-understand summary of the major teachings of the hyper grace false gospel : 

“Jesus came solely to give you abundant life which is an abundance of every good thing in life. Just do good to yourself because God wants you to be happy. God’s very existence is to make you happy. Jesus came to give you an epicurean life. Eat, drink and be merry. Ask for anything that your heart desires and it will be granted.

Do not need to worry about wrong doing called sin. God sees no such thing as wrong doing in your life from now. Just do anything that make you happy. I am serious when I mean anything. Actually there is no such thing as good or bad in you from now because God only sees the perfect Christ in you. If you cheat on your spouse, cheat your business associate or simply lie, it is okay. God will not bother so you need not worry too much to confess and tell Him. If you feel bothered by such things you do and tell God, you shame Jesus who came solely just to make you happy.  So do not tell God about your wrongdoing anymore.  If you feel unhappy about the wrongdoing, it is definitely not the work of God’s Spirit, but it is actually the devil trying to make you unhappy.

He is the doting grand-dad. In His house, there is no rules or regulation. If your parents ever discipline you on rules and regulation, they are like the legalistic Pharisees with whom God is not pleased. He will not point out your faults. He will look at you with loving eyes even when you break all rules or regulation.

God is your childhood dream character come true also !

He is the genie in the story of Aladdin and the magic lamp. Just ask Him three wishes in the beginning of every year and considered them done.  Three is not too much or too little – just right.

He is the superman of supermen. No harm will befall you. God will take care of all bad things.  Only good things happen to those who believe God loves them.

He is also the year end Santa Claus. Ask him for luxury car or bungalow and it will be granted. Ask and you shall receive. Believe you shall have and you shall have.

There is only one condition. You have to give tithes and offering faithfully to the teacher that teaches you all of the above.”

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