My First Praise CD Album

At times during my appointment with God our Father, I thought I would break out praising Him in tongues but instead, I broke out singing praises in new melodies.   As I have no formal music training,  I thanked God for His gift of downloading the melodies in my mind.  It is another testimony of God’s finger on my faith journey.  One of the most exciting moments for me was when I sang the whole Psalms 23 in English Standard Version without missing any word.

I give thanks to God for availing a brother in the Philippines to arrange and produce my first praise CD album with a limited budget to whom I owed a huge debt.

The title of the songs are :

  1.  God is so good to me.
  2. The Lord is my Shepherd.   (Psalms 23).
  3. Blessed be His Holy Name.   (Psalms 34:1-3).
  4. Clap your hands, all you peoples.  (Psalms 47:1-2,6).
  5. 我们的主,我们的神 (Rev 4:11).
  6. 为耶路撒冷来求平安.   (Psalms 122:6,9).

All thanks and glory to God our Father and Jesus our Lord.

(I chose this group picture for the CD album cover because our joy is genuine and our hearts were full of gratitude for God’s amazing grace.  We gathered that day in the farm to celebrate His goodness.)