The Coming Economic Flood (Update IV)

The Lord had given me two visions concerning the 911 attack and the Sep 2008 financial crisis prior to these events.  And I was further instructed to write a book on these visions and the coming economic flood based on Rev 18 prophecy.  It was miraculously rushed and published in Nov 2014. The given conviction and the miraculous provision by the Lord then caused me to believe another economic crisis would happen in Sep 2015 as detailed in my book.

From the chart below, you will notice that three times the global liquidity had gone negative were in Sep 2001, Sep 2008 and Sep 2015.     It was not obvious then that the global liquidity was worse in 2015 than in 2008 as shown in the chart below, because it was not felt much even though the global stock markets crashed terribly in Sep 2015.

Right now in Sep 2022,  the global liquidity has gone negative again and will it extrapolate as shown in the chart ?   We will know by the end of this month or early next month. (Notice the incredible 7 year apocalypse event from Sep 2001 to Sep 2022.)

All thanks and glory to our Lord for vindicating my claim again that He alone has given me these incredible visions and insights.  They have all come to pass against extremely slim odds. 

Memorial Service Ministry

I am always ready to serve the Body of Christ in whatever capacity I am called for that is the manifesto of our Lord Jesus. Though I felt honored to be invited to share a message of Christian hope in a memorial service for the first time in Aug 2019, I felt heavy hearted as well. It was not a joyous occasion especially when the loved ones could not have any closure to their loss. I would surely pray that my message could give comfort and hope to the loved ones of the departed brother that the separation is temporary.

I gave thanks to the Lord for the opportunity to have fellowship with the then new director of Salvation Army and a few brothers and sisters.

Fellowship with the then new director of Salvation Army and Pastor Ferdie

Testimony (26)

I was sharing the message on the coming economic flood based on my book in a fellowship worship service a few weeks ago when I suddenly remembered and mentioned that the editing of the book by the US publisher was stringent.  Written approval from  all sources of information mentioned in the book were required to prevent falsehood and plagiarism.  I would have to travel to Indonesia, Philippines and China to get the approval from a few pastors.  If I had to send the written request by post,  the launch of the book would be delayed.   I prayed that there could be a waiver from the publisher, but to my surprise,  the Lord granted my prayer by having all the pastors from these countries coming down to Singapore in the same week ! One was sponsored to attend some sort of anniversary of a local church. The others came on personal matters. Unbelievable considering the odds. Hallelujah !

After I got their signatories on my own draft forms,  the publisher sent me their forms.  I prayed again that my own forms would suffice.  By the grace of God, my plea was granted again.  Hallelujah !  All thanks and glory to our Lord.