About Me


  • Born and raised in Singapore.
  • Graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a technician diploma and the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Engineering with honours.
  • Last held the position of president in a group of Asian subsidiaries of a NASDAQ-listed American company in my professional career before quitting to wait upon the Lord’s calling into ministry in 2003 after receiving very unique visions and a very specific message.
  • Have served as an elder and pastor of 2 local churches in Singapore and Johor Bahru from 2009 to 2014 concurrently. Currently serving as an associate pastor of a local church since early 2016.
  • Conferred the Doctor of Divinity (D Div) degree by the Alliance of International Bishops and Theologians Inc, Philippines.
  • Concurrently appointed as missionary pastor of Alfa Omega Ministry, Indonesia and International Chaplain of the National Chaplains of Philippines, 2017.
  • Written the book, The Coming Economic Flood, and was published by Charisma Media in Nov 2014.        (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0B4pMS8yJE&feature=youtu.be)

Given Vision

To fulfill the Manifesto of Jesus Christ our Lord in sharing the gospel to the poor, giving sight to the blind, setting the captives free and relieving the oppressed and all the more as we see the Day drawing near. ~ Luke 4:18

Given Mission

  • To share the gospel in word and in deed through galvanizing churches in Asia to acquire resources to meet the very basic physical needs of the community and gain the hearing of the gospel. (God, in His sovereign will, has miraculously led me to partner the mentioned mission partner networks in a leadership position to fulfill the given vision and mission in various parts of Asia through the stated evangelistic outreach programmes.)
  • To warn about the coming economic flood and to encourage spiritual preparation as not to be alarmed when the devastation of the economic flood starts (Rev 18:4,8) or when we see increased occurrence of wars and calamities in greater intensity (Luke 21:9-10; 34-36), and to encourage physical preparation to mitigate the economic hard times.
  • To warn about insidious spiritual deception in the last days by exposing clearly the fatal error in the false gospel and false Christology being proliferated (Luke 21:8; Matt 24:10-11).

Statement of Faith

  • I believe in one triune God, the Creator of the whole universe, eternally existent in three persons : God the Father Almighty, God the Son Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit.
  • I believe in the deity of Lord Jesus Christ, His incarnation, His sin-less life, His miracles, His death on the cross shedding blood for the atonement of sin, His bodily resurrection, His ascension into Heaven and His coming return in power and glory to judge the world at the end of age.
  • I believe all men are lost and face the judgment of God, and Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation that whoever believe and accept Him as Savior and Lord will have eternal life.
  • I believe the Bible to be the inspired, infallible and authoritative Word of God.
  • I believe in the indwelling ministry of the Holy Spirit in convicting us of sin and regenerating us to be like Lord Jesus Christ.
  • I believe in the manifesto of Lord Jesus Christ in sharing the gospel both in word and in deed.
  • I believe in the commission given by Lord Jesus Christ to go and make disciples of all nations and to teach them to obey the commandments of God.

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