Confession Of A Former Hyper Grace Believer

Could not say it better than the below-mentioned confession about the reality of believing this false gospel. From the confession of all former believers, it is ironic to note that they said it was the grace of God which opened their blinded eyes eventually to see the deception of the false grace gospel.

The following confession is shared with permission from the confessor.


The bottom of my motivation, is to warn others about the false gospel taught by Pastor XXX.

(We are contending against false gospels and not people per se who are sinners just like us.  So it is my personal policy not to name names if possible.)

I too, was under the spell of his false doctrine, having listened to him day and night since year 2000. He taught that God is a good God, and his deepest desire is to make us happy. So whoever is under Grace, will receive every blessing that he desires, and will get anything that he asks for. He taught us to practice positive confession, to claim my dream car, career promotion, material blessings, declaring that I am the Righteousness of God in Christ, and I can claim everything I want in the name of Jesus. He also taught that just as our obedience cannot save us, our disobedience cannot un-save us, as long as I believe in Jesus and trust him, no amount of Sin can take Salvation away from me. Sounds familiar?

This resulted in an outward righteousness, with no heart transformation. On the outside, I appear like an obedient Christian who serves God in Church. But on the inside, I covet for all the blessings, I indulge in Sin without guilt, thinking that since God has forgiven me, I need no repentance from Sins. Every time I pray, I proclaim that I am the righteousness of God in Christ, and I can claim million dollars sales, drive sports car, marry a supermodel and live for 120 years old.

It was until 2 years back, I decided to read the bible for myself, from cover to cover. I analyzed God’s plan from Abraham to Moses to the Kings, the Exile, to Jesus and the Apostles. I realized that contrary to what Pastor XXX taught, Jesus actually came to establish the Law. Israel has fallen to a hopeless state, and Jesus came to die for the faithful remnants of Israel, so that those who wish to repent and follow him will have their Sins covered. Those who reject his commandments, also rejected the Law and the Prophets, and subsequently Jesus and the Apostles. Jesus called them, workers of Lawlessness.

Then I begun to change my perspective. I realized through my reading, that those who love God, cannot love the world. Hence one cannot say “I am the righteousness of God in Christ, I want a big car”. Simply because, wanting a big car is covetousness, and the bible says covetousness is idolatry, and those who covet cannot inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. Does this sound familiar to you?

The bible teaches that we cannot earn Salvation through our merits, therefore our obedience cannot bring us life. But the Bible also says, those who have true faith in Jesus Christ WILL live in obedience, repent from their worldly values and turn from their sinful deeds. I was a false Christian who thinks he is saved but in fact was not. If I had died 2 years ago, I would have died without true saving faith of Jesus Christ.

(The false) doctrine did not help me become a better Christian, but instead had made me a Christian who is outwardly positive and enthusiastic to serve in church, yet inwardly denying my struggles and temptations, coveting worldly values, and blind to true doctrine. I was a true Pharisee who forsook the commandments of God, and complied to man made human rules made by false interpretation of God’s word and church leaders.

Now I no longer desire to be rich. I no longer desire the values and status that the world offers and desire to walk simply in his ways. God has been faithful to provide for me even though I did not ask for it. I did not marry a supermodel, and I thank God that I married someone whom I love and loves me for who I am. I serve in Church because I love God and want to serve His people.

The Gospel of Grace aka Hyper-grace does not save, but in fact cause those who are not truly saved think that they are saved. You might think (the false teacher) is spreading the gospel and saving millions worldwide. But the fact is, he is deceiving millions into his false teaching.

My advise to you, stay away from this false teaching, and join a local church that teaches sound doctrine verse by verse.



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