Evangelistic Outreach Through Solar Lamp Project

One of my given missions is to share the gospel both in word and in deeds  in galvanizing churches in the region to meet the basic needs of the community and gain a hearing of the gospel as a result.   Over the years of feasibility study by the grace of God,  JC’s Manifesto has narrowed down to 3 evangelistic outreach projects as the most effective approaches – the farming aids, technology to rear poultry, the bio-sand water filter and the solar lamps.

JC’s Manifesto had participated in relief effort by supplying solar lamps to the typhoon victims in Tacloban, Philippines before.  We have also given these lamps to some Nepalese pastors in enabling them to gain a hearing of the gospel in the border towns with India.

In late 2016,  Bishop Martin of the National Chaplains of Philippines had gone to share the gospel in the mountainous regions in northern Luzon enabling the people there to have bible study in the evening using the solar lamp as there is no electrical grid in these regions.

So far, the missions to use the solar lamp as a bridge to evangelism have been relatively successful.

Praise the Lord !

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