Great Political Stability And Economic Prosperity Masks The Coming Judgment

Jeroboam II reigned as King of Israel from 789 BC to 748 BC. Despite being an evil king, who continued the politically motivated idolatry of his forefather Jeroboam, son of Nebat, God was gracious to Israel and gave her great political and economic prosperity during his reign as a last chance. (Eventually the deportation of Israel by the Assyrians came in 722 BC.) 2 Kings 14.

Archaeology revealed a time of great political power and economic prosperity. Jeroboam II recovered a lot of land from the Syrians. The houses were built much bigger than previous times and the rich could afford both winter and summer houses.

But the prosperity ended in abuse in being weighed down with living in dissipation and oppression of the poor. Amos the prophet denounced against the abuse and prophesized God’s judgment on all their trophies of prosperity – their large and great winter and summer houses of ivory splendor. Amos 3:13-15.

Israel was sinful yet she was thinking all the time that they were in God’s favor because of the tremendous political and economic prosperity. Isaiah 58: 1- 4.

Many false prophets also arose and preached feel good messages against the dire warning by God’s prophets during that time.

Right now, with all the political stability and economic prosperity in all the First World cities, is it so difficult for Christendom in these cities to take a hard look at herself whether she has sinned against God if she so claims to be so fervent in seeking God’s face ?

Whether we are proud that our hands and our leaders have given us this prosperity ? Whether we have excess of food or over-fed ? Whether we are living in care less or prosperous ease ? Are we indifferent to helping the indigent poor believing they are lazy and should work harder and not expect welfare ? Ezek 16:49-50. These are the four root sins of Sodom which God did away with her.

The fruit of sodomy and lawlessness are almost ripe in all these cities drunk with easy money making and pleasure and has heaped all the way to heaven. Rev 18.

God will judge all this wealth of this Babylonian system in one hour. Rev 18:17.  Three groups will weep – kings of the earth (governments), merchants (MNCs, SMEs) and those who make their living by the sea (global seaports cum financial centres).

God’s people will rejoice over this judgment. Rev 18;20.  David Pawson, a very prominent Bible teacher, asked whether we are citizens of Babylon or citizens of God’s new Jerusalem in his lecture, The Church and the End Times. If we do not rejoice or even want to hear such a message, frankly, which citizenship do we really hold ?

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