Journey Mercies (VI)

Some years ago, when I was driving home in the wee hours of one morning, I got a prompting from the Spirit God to stop at the traffic lights even though the traffic light was already flashing green for some time and there was hardly any vehicular traffic at that time. I obeyed and stopped. A truck sped past the red light on my right. I would have been hit if I had not stopped.

About ten days ago, I thanked the Lord yet again that I slowed down my car at a particular stretch along a main road upon His prompting. All these years in using this main road, I felt that there was no necessity to slow down my car to watch out for cars coming out of the small lanes. That was basic highway code. One reckless car driver sped out of a small lane and crossed the main road into the opposite small lane in a split second before me. I was sure that the driver did not even look left and right before doing such a car stunt. Such reckless driving is only seen in movies. I was again thinking of the odds for such an occurrence.

All thanks to the Lord for His protection.

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