Mission Partners

Alfa Omega Ministry, Batam, Indonesia.

  • Alfa Omega Ministry is a charismatic independent church of some 1200 members in Batam with 15 daughter churches in Bintang, Tanjong Batu, Selat Panjang and other islands in the Riau Archipelago.
  • The Senior Pastor Jhonston Silitonga of Alfa Omega Ministry is also the Chairman of the Body of Christ Fellowship representing some 1000 churches belonging to 60 or more denominations in Indonesia. (A revival meeting cum pastoral conference is held once a month in each major Indonesian city consecutively.)

National Chaplains of Philippines (NACPHIL).

  • NACPHIL is a non-governmental organization whose purpose is to carry out the mandate of the Executive Order 713 of the Philippines Government.  The mandate is to strengthen the authority of the Presidential Council on value formation towards the effective pursuit of a just and moral society.   It aimed to eradicate from all sectors of the country, the culture of graft and corruption,  patronage politics, apathy, passivity, factionalism and the lack of patriotism and to be replaced with the love of country, honest public service, integrity, honesty and good work ethic.   NACPHIL entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Interior and Local government on 25 th April 2011.  As of today,  NACPHIL has commissioned some few thousand chaplains and deployed to some 60 provinces.
  • Main contact is Bishop Martin Fao-ilan who is the BOT member of NACPHIL and the pastor of Villasis Baptist Church.

Guang Fu Church, Guangzhou, China.

  • Guang Fu church is a local baptist church consisting of some 10 congregations in Guangzhou and Dong-guan with 1200 members. It is also part of an alliance of thousands of churches of baptist background across China.


We are praying fervently that God will convict churches in the West to partner and support these mission partner networks to evangelize into other unreached Asian regions through the specific evangelistic outreach projects or programmes in this last period of the last days.

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