My Faith Journey

2nd July 2015

I had made the decision to believe in Jesus and accept Him as my personal Lord and Savior 4 decades ago. But I cannot say that I was being saved then as true repentance and commitment to follow Him as a true disciple did not come till much later.

Looking back at the last decade or two since I am being saved, my faith journey is filled with numerous trials and blessings.

Our Lord had promised His Spirit to indwell us, give us a new heart and a new spirit and to train us to live in God’s will.  Ezek 36:26-27; Eph 1:4-6; Titus 2:11-12.  And in each trial or blessing, I could really sense the presence of His Spirit walking with me through it.  Everything, be it trial or blessing, indeed work together for good in transforming me to be more and more like Him. Rom 8:28-29. Heb 12:7,11.

I look forward to sharing each of the trials and blessings as far as I could remember in the hope of giving glory to God primarily and encouraging fellow brothers and sisters secondarily to know that God is a very personal God who loves us. And He is definitely very pleased with every intimate moment of our relationship with Him as long as we seek Him earnestly.  He will reward us handsomely too. Heb 11.

Even for petitions which I had come to God with increasing importunity,  He had always answered my prayers – sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly but better as I looked back – in the sense that my faith deepened to take a deeper rest in Him.

(Some of the trials and blessings are also mentioned in my book, The Coming Economic Flood.)

After the incredible vision given me by God in September 2001 which was the turning point in my life,  I knew God wanted me to come out of my career to serve Him.    It was subsequent years of waiting, serving and His divine guidance that I come to realize the message God has given me is to come out of this Babylonian system and to warn others as well.

I will also look forward to sharing about God’s divine guidance to give glory to Him and also to encourage you to know that God rewards those who seek Him diligently and He is pleased to see His works manifest in the weak.

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