My First Pilgrimage To Jerusalem

As I looked at Mount Moriah from the Mount of Olives,  I pondered over this question.

What is so special about Jerusalem ?

In the movie “Kingdom of Heaven”,  after Balian surrendered Jerusalem to Saladin, he asked him, “What is Jerusalem worth ?”  Saladin replied, “Nothing.”  And he started to walk back to his armies.  In a short moment later, he turned around and said to Balian, “Everything.”

It was at Mount Moriah that Abraham was about to sacrifice his son.  A lamb was later sacrificed instead.  The temple built by King Solomon stood at the same place.  Years later, the Lamb of God was to be the Perfect Sacrifice in this same city. (John 1:29).

Abraham was not only the bastion of Faith which was counted unto him as righteousness, but also he was the classic example of a true disciple of Christ.

By his faith-works (not law-works), James 2:21-23,  he expressed his total allegiance to God over his family (Luke 14:26),  himself (Luke 14:27) and his possessions (Luke 14:33).

He was willing to sacrifice his son.  He was willing to leave the luxurious city of Ur for Canaan.  And he was unattached to possessions by allowing Lot to choose the choicest part of the land.

Knowing the arduous road of sanctification is fraught with challenges,  I stood and prayed that the Spirit of God inside of me, the Helper and the Counselor promised by my Lord,  will be training and sanctifying me to surrender every area of my life eventually and preparing me to be fit to be His disciple.  All glory and honor to Jesus my Lord.





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