Observing The Lord’s Supper At The Garden Tomb

What a blessed and meaningful finale of my pilgrimage to observe the Lord’s Supper at the Garden Tomb.

The tour guide shared convincing proof that the Garden Tomb was very likely the place where Jesus our Lord was buried.

Firstly,  our Lord was likely to be crucified in a high human traffic place that the Romans would like the inhabitants to see the fate of criminals just outside the city walls in a place called Golgotha which mean the place of the skull.   A picture of the place before last year showed a face of a skull before the nose bridge was destroyed by snow.

Secondly,  the tomb was in a rich man’s garden as a wine press was discovered.

Thirdly,  the tomb was constructed in such a way with people entering the tomb could see the body to the right with light coming in from a small window to the right of the tomb entrance.

All the evidence in the Garden Tomb fitted the description given in the Bible.

I was given the honor to serve the Lord’s Supper there.  I administered in Chinese as the tour group is mostly from mainland China.

I shared that the best way to remember our Lord’s death till He comes again is to honor and love Him by obeying His commandment to love one another and to make disciples and teach them to do the same.

I have always believed in the unity of the Body of Christ.  I have no reservation to serve with any brother or sister regardless whether he or she is an evangelical or charismatic; or of any denomination, race or language.   I prayed for unity in this respect.   As the Day is drawing near,  I prayed for vigilance in staying watchful in the coming treacherous times.

In a moment of silence examining ourselves,  I prayed quietly by myself that I will be bold to share the gospel to the majority of the unsaved Chinese population, the largest ethnic group,  in my country by sharing and giving out the gospel tract that I have written for this purpose.  And that God will send laborers from all local churches to join me.  All glory and honor  to Jesus our Lord !








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