Parable of the Prodigal Son

Luke 15: 11-32.

Before the prodigal son returned to his father, he came to himself and confessed saying that he had sinned against heaven and against his father. With that feeling of complete spiritual bankruptcy, he returned.

And while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and felt compassion. How much more will God have compassion for us and forgive us when He foreknow our readiness to confess our sin against him and our utter bankruptcy when He sees we decide to return to Him ?

Though the father had forgiven and welcome him with love, yet he still confessed that he had sinned against his father and was no longer worthy to be called his son. That is the confession of a broken spirit and a very contrite heart feeling so unworthy of his father’s grace.

How preposterous for the hyper grace teacher to twist this wonderful message of repentance and saving grace.

Firstly by suggesting that when the son came to himself and said those words, he was schizophrenic. By coming to his senses as we read this passage, it was obvious that the son was remorseful and decided to make that journey back to seek the father’s forgiveness.  Secondly by suggesting that the father did not even bother to hear the son’s confession of sins before he welcomed him and so, there is no need to feel godly sorrow for sin or contrition, or to confess one’s sins and repent. God is omniscient.  Surely He know our hearts when we are repentant and ready to return to Him. Any sensible person cannot conclude that the son returned without any hint of repentance and be an ingrate all over again.

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