Prison Ministry – Another Initiative By JC’s Manifesto

It has been a tremendous blessing by the grace of God to serve fellow pastors in Indonesia and Philippines through the Body of Christ Fellowship and National Auxiliary Chaplaincy of Philippines respectively all these years.

I have noticed that many are already serving in prison ministry and it has been my desire to help them to have a formal bible study program in the prison they serve and to seek financial support for them as well.

By the grace of God,  Crossroad Bible Institute (CBI) USA has approved us to start the prison ministry with their blessing in Indonesia and Philippines.  CBI USA has a very comprehensive bible study program.  (

Without hesitation,  we intend to start the program in one prison in Karimun and another in Surabaya, Indonesia in April 2016.

***Latest Update (28 Sept 2016)  :   Due to sudden certain development, JC’s Manifesto Ministries will not be cooperating with CBI USA on rolling out the prison ministry.***

Prison in Madura

Prison in Madura

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