Solar Lamp Project

In the past, I used to partner local pastors serving in non-grid areas and disaster hit areas in giving such lamps as a bridge to help the poor people and victims respectively, and reach them for Christ.   But unfortunately the early design of these lamps were found wanting.  The batteries used in these lamps then were custom made and not readily available.  The cost was also inhibitive then.  

After the pandemic restrictions were mostly lifted this year, the Lord led me to re-visit the use of such solar lamps.  I went to Guangzhou in October 2023 in the hope to discuss with the manufacturer on a particular design that can allow standardized batteries to be replaced easily.  

To my pleasant surprise, there was a lighting exhibition which was ending the very day I visited the city Zhongsan.  And at the very first cubicle stall,  I saw the very design I wanted.   The rechargeable batteries are manufactured by independent factories and so they are not customized but standard products.  The cost of the solar lamp has gone down by half !   

It is now affordable for the poor users in non grid area to buy such lamp and they can also replace the batteries easily when the lifespan of the batteries is up.  

Considering the odds of the various events coinciding together, I am sure it was another instance that the Lord had led me by His sovereign grace.

Hallelujah !   All thanks and glory to our Lord for His provision.  We are now able to reach many more poor people in the third world countries without the need for big funding.

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