Testimony (23)

Ever since I received the first vision from the Lord and decided to give up my career to seek the meaning of the vision in 2003, I only kept a small passive business so that I could continue to have an office to embark on my new evangelistic ministry, JC’s Manifesto. 

By the grace and provision from the Lord, I could have a small passive income to pay for the office rental and telecommunication, transport and utilities bills for the past 18 years.  Finally I have to give up the office on 30 June 2021.  (Earlier, I was about to give up the office in Sep 2017 but I got acquainted with a brother who helped to share the office expenses by moving in to share the office. Due to the current pandemic which encourage working from home, it is prudent for him to cut such expense.)

For the past few years,  I was trying to dispose of the chemicals, laboratory equipment and cleaning equipment left over the years but to no avail. It would be very costly to get professional companies to dispose of them and yet hardly any company was interested.  I prayed for God’s help as I only had three months’ notice to move out.  One month before handing over the office, one brother and two companies came to take all three things respectively. It was just too slim a coincidental chance for such an occurrence and I thanked the Lord for answering my prayer.  Hallelujah !

I have much to thank the Lord.  Not only I did not have any stress from giving up the office over the last 3 months’ termination notice after I prayed for His blessing of peace and joy, I had another pleasant gift from the Lord. A brother offered me a room in his office for me to continue the ministry.

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