Testimony (24)

In testimony (16), I shared that my youngest son’s eczema condition was largely contained and confined to the knees and elbows.  In October 2020, his eczema condition worsened and 80 to 90% of his body was inflamed.  Parts of his fingers and sole of his feet were oozing.

At the same time, I had contact dermatitis for the very first time all of a sudden after wearing the mask for some 6 months.  It started with 3 inflamed spots on my chin and then the inflammation spread rapidly down my neck to my chest, and also my arms and legs as well.  My chin and my neck were also oozing with fluid.  Medical consultation at the polyclinic did not help much and we booked appointment for specialist consultation.

Meanwhile, we prayed for God’s healing hand to be upon us.  We prayed for wisdom to know the pathway of healing.  We went ahead to change our beds and made our rooms less cluttered. And by the first few days after applying topical cream, healing started rapidly.  We have largely contained the inflammation since and our skin have more or less resolved, though not completely for very mild inflammation still flared up in some small area of our bodies. Any severe eczema sufferer will fully appreciate such recovery. We are grateful for God’s grace in this crisis.  Hallelujah !   Praise His holy name !

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