Testimony (6)

God is good. God had healed me several times miraculously in the past. He had also bailed me out of business failures twice. (See my post on blog sub-category Ramblings http://www.jcmanifesto.org/dealing-with-trials-in-life/ ). He had granted several of my desperate petitions for which I pleaded with importunity. I shared these testimonies in my book, The Coming Economic Flood.

Since I gave up the lure of the world to serve Him full-time some 12 years ago, He had provided for all my needs all these years. My second and third child who came immediately after, a girl and a boy, are now aged 12 and 11 respectively. My eldest boy is now 21. Many wondered how I could raise a family of 3 children without much income. I do not take any income from the ministry. All love gifts and honorarium are saved and given to meet the needs of the least of the brothers, needy ministry workers and the basic needs in the mission field.

God is good.

In early December 2013, my wife was worried over our household expenses and I was at a crossroads in the ministry which exacerbated her concern. I was about to step down from pastoral ministry in January 2014.  I believe everything work together for good that even trials experienced are meant to train us to be patient in waiting upon Him. I believed God would show me soon on the direction I should take.

Then came the publishing of the book  – The Coming Economic Flood – 6 months later in June 2014, the formalization of my ministry JC’s Manifesto, the call to serve in 2 churches, and the call to lead evangelistic missions into specific countries with specific evangelistic plans.

God is good.

Within a week of my wife’s grouse, I received a call from an insurance agent whom I did not contact for the past 15 years. He told me that he was looking high and low for me as and I was un-contactable after moving out of my last address.  My policy had matured and I would need to update my particulars.

I had taken a look at my CPF statement 12 years ago. I only had enough money in the ordinary account to pay the premium of three insurance policies for another 4 years. I dare not contact any insurance company for fear of either being asked to top up the policies or to make the hard choice of terminating them.

To my surprise, I have met the minimum sum in my CPF account and I could withdraw all the money from the ordinary account.  To my further surprise, 2 other policies matured too.

How did the insurance policies get paid when I did not have much income over the 12 years ? My wife reminded me that I got a consulting job from 2005 to 2006 but I only received a management fee without CPF contribution. I got paid from 2008 to 2009 as an executive director in a startup company but the contribution only lasted a year.

How grateful to know that God would take care of our anxieties at the very moment we were anxious. God is good !

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