The Babylonian Alliance

In my book, The Coming Economic Flood, I stated that the Babylonian alliance of nations is unmistakably the western capitalism states who all grow rich because of Babylon (America represented by New York City).  In these two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, we can see clearly their concerted effort together to implement the mRNA vaccine mandate exclusively and the sanctions against Russia.  (Though other nations also implemented the vaccine mandate,  they allowed the use of all WHO approved vaccines including the killed virus vaccines, unlike these western capitalism states.)   We can easily identify these nations closely aligned with Babylon. 

Two small nations stand out in taking the vaccine mandate lead for they often claim that they punch above their weight.  Both tried to prove to their Babylonian leader that they could subdue their people easily to accept governmental control through digitization technologies for the greater good.  Never mind even if the vaccines are not meant for the better good and probably harmful for they only intend to test out if the official dissemination of information, through official propaganda and alternative media censorship,  is effective enough to garner popular support and acceptance.  The successful roll-out of the vaccine mandate proved beyond reasonable doubt that such control in future can be achieved easily for now.  One day, the mark of the beast will be implemented and such prior experiment is necessary now to test out the acceptance of the populace.  Another piece of evidence is the heavy investments in data centers and digitization technologies of the global companies of Babylon in these two small nations which is necessary to facilitate future implementation of behavioral control of the populace.

Another development in the looming “economic flood” is that this Babylonian alliance is finally caught between “the rock and the hard place”.  Since 2001, these western capitalism states have been relying on quantitative easing to tide over chronic budget deficits. Either they continue to print money and risk runaway inflation which is finally happening now, or raise interest rates on a quicker pace and join all nations in economic hardship.   The likely choice, in my opinion, is the former path but it will worsen the looming debt crisis faced by more than half of the nations in the world.  Sri Lanka and Pakistan in Asia have already defaulted on their debts joining Lebanon, Turkey, Africa and South America.  The supply chain disruption has already caused much shortage havoc.  Just read in the news that the US parents are desperate to find baby formula amid shortage. Either way, it is economic hardship all the same eventually.

I do not know what will be the trigger that will cause the economic flood or collapse prophesized in Rev 18:17 and James 5:1-5, but it will surely happen.  The command to come out of Babylon (the Babylonian alliance of nations and that includes the city states that make their living by the sea) may be literal after all. Rev 18:4,8,17-19.

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