The Church And Civil Government

Both the church and civil government are institutions ordained and accountable separately to God.

The responsibility of the church is to preach the gospel, teach and nurture the souls of the disciples.  The responsibility of the civil government is to govern society and enterprise, raise and spend taxes accordingly, protect the life and property of her citizens, and also protect against foreign aggression.  The state is given the power of the sword by God so we can say the government is also a minister of God, while the church is given the power of the gospel to transform lives.  Rom 13:1-7.

Problem starts when the state behaves as God and tamper with God’s universal laws.  And the church behaves as the state in deciding how the state should spend the taxes responsibly or irresponsibly, or how the state should administer this program or that.  Both are accountable to God for their given roles so let God hold them accountable separately.  The church will be making a wrong turn to act on behalf of God to hold the state accountable for her given roles.

Christians honor their Lord by obeying His commandments to submit and obey the civil authorities and pray for them so that all can live tranquil and quiet lives. 1 Tim 2:2.  The only exception is when we are made to obey laws denigrating God’s honor and glory.  Daniel and his 3 friends served well in the government and were commended and they only disobeyed when they were forced to dishonor or disobey God.

Will God’s laws be changed and we end up prosecuted for non compliance; and our religious freedom to share the gospel be curtailed ?  These are concerns we weigh on in praying and voting for the civil government, as they affect our quiet lives to discharge our Christian duty.

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