Word Ministry

The Philippine Council of Intercessors International Movement, Inc. (PCIIMI) was founded in 2008 and is based in General Santos City, Philippines.   It is a council of intercessory movements whose only purpose is to gather and unite all Christian believers from various denominational backgrounds in prayer and intercession.  As of today,  it has 253 different intercessory groups under her umbrella with a total membership of some 25,000.

PCIIMI invited me in Nov 2018 to share a message with their leaders in General Santos in which I spoke of the current economic hard times and the need for preparation.  Since the start of the pandemic,  I have been invited several times to share a message over zoom at their Monday intercession program.  All thanks to the Lord for the opportunity to serve the Body of Christ at PCIIMI. 

Postscript : All thanks to the Lord also for the opportunity to minister the word over zoom to churches in South India and Pakistan during this period.

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