Testimony (24)

In testimony (16), I shared that my youngest son’s eczema condition was largely contained and confined to the knees and elbows.  In October 2020, his eczema condition worsened and 80 to 90% of his body was inflamed.  Parts of his fingers and sole of his feet were oozing.

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Vaccine Dilemma

Before I go on to share my concern about the mRNA vaccine in relation to our faith, let us know a little about the discovery and composition of the DNA in the cells of our bodies first.

The following article from gotquestions.org website aptly explained the discovery of DNA.

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Testimony (23)

Ever since I received the first vision from the Lord and decided to give up my career to seek the meaning of the vision in 2003, I only kept a small passive business so that I could continue to have an office to embark on my new evangelistic ministry, JC’s … continue reading

I Will Sing To The Lord All My Life

(Psalms 104:33-34)

          G                      C

I will sing to the Lord all my life

         G                            D

I will sing praises to Him all my days

         G                       C

I will sing to the Lord all my life

            Am               D                   G

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