I Have Resolved To Follow Jesus

Em C

I have resolved to follow Jesus

D Em

There is no turning back for me.

I will rejoice


Having left the world behind me


To follow Jesus.

I have resolved to follow Jesus

There is no turning back for me.

I will rejoice I will leave the world behind me

To follow Jesus.

Chorus :


No turning back


No turning back

B7 Em

No turning back for me.

Testimony (24)

In testimony (16), I shared that my youngest son’s eczema condition was largely contained and confined to the knees and elbows.  In October 2020, his eczema condition worsened and 80 to 90% of his body was inflamed.  Parts of his fingers and sole of his feet were oozing.

At the same time, I had contact dermatitis for the very first time all of a sudden after wearing the mask for some 6 months.  It started with 3 inflamed spots on my chin and then the inflammation spread rapidly down my neck to my chest, and also my arms and legs as well.  My chin and my neck were also oozing with fluid.  Medical consultation at the polyclinic did not help much and we booked appointment for specialist consultation.

Meanwhile, we prayed for God’s healing hand to be upon us.  We prayed for wisdom to know the pathway of healing.  We went ahead to change our beds and made our rooms less cluttered. And by the first few days after applying topical cream, healing started rapidly.  We have largely contained the inflammation since and our skin have more or less resolved, though not completely for very mild inflammation still flared up in some small area of our bodies. Any severe eczema sufferer will fully appreciate such recovery. We are grateful for God’s grace in this crisis.  Hallelujah !   Praise His holy name !

Vaccine Dilemma

Before I go on to share my concern about the mRNA vaccine in relation to our faith, let us know a little about the discovery and composition of the DNA in the cells of our bodies first.

The following article from gotquestions.org website aptly explained the discovery of DNA.

“In 1953, researchers Francis Crick and James Watson elucidated the structure of the DNA molecule. In doing so, they discovered that DNA was a carrier of specific genetic information that takes the form of a four-character digital code. This information is contained in an arrangement of four chemicals that scientists represent with the letters A, C, T, and G. The sequences of these chemicals provide the instructions necessary to assemble complex protein molecules that, in turn, help form structures diverse as eyes, wings, and legs. As Dr. Stephen C. Meyer has noted, “As it turns out, specific regions of the DNA molecule called coding regions have the same property of “sequence specificity” or “specified complexity” that characterizes written codes, linguistic texts, and protein molecules. Just as the letters in the alphabet of a written language may convey a particular message depending on their arrangement, so too do the sequences of nucleotide bases (the A’s, T’s, G’s, and C’s) inscribed along the spine of a DNA molecule convey a precise set of instructions for building proteins within the cell.”

In the book of Genesis, we read of the appearance of the Nephilim which Dr Peter Gentry explained very well in his video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKtHwc3mMY8) that they were likely to be the offspring of the fallen angels and human. It was an attempt to corrupt the human seed so that the Messiah could not incarnate.  And God destroyed the whole human race through a flood and restart the procreation of the human race through Noah and his family only.  I saw the ancient corruption as a primitive attempt to corrupt the human DNA then. In these latter days when science is now so advanced, I will not be surprised that there will be attempts by the enemy to corrupt the human DNA through gene editing of which the mRNA technology is just the precursor. From Scripture, we know that violation of God’s designed order or natural function of our bodies is an abomination to Him.

It is one thing to enhance our immune system through non invasive means affecting our DNA but quite another thing to tamper or alter our DNA.  In the current pandemic, I do not object to vaccination using killed whole virus protein vaccine because the technology presents a real virus, which has been attenuated or inactivated, to our bodies so that our bodies can learn to mount an antibody response to the real live virus when exposed later. The mRNA vaccine is a new technology in which genetic material is injected to teach the cells to produce the spiked proteins of the virus to solicit an antibody response from the cells.  The cells effectively become the munitions factory for both the good and bad guys.  Although it will not alter our DNA, it does tamper with the function of the DNA of our body cells.  I see it as a precursor of future attempts to alter our DNA eventually. 

(Other concerns I have for the mRNA vaccine are the lack of long term safety results which will only be available some years from now, admission of myocarditis risks, low efficacy from real life data, and very poor ethical track record of the manufacturers. Several scientists have also voiced certain concerns pertaining to the long term safety of the mRNA vaccine. As our bodies are the temple of the God, we ought to be prudent in taking very good care of it.)

In conclusion, I will treat vaccination with mRNA vaccine as a matter of truth and I firmly oppose it for it tampers with God’s design of the function of our cell DNA. But for vaccination with a killed virus vaccine, I will treat it as a matter of conscience.

Though some institutional churches also treat the mRNA vaccination as a matter of truth, but on the contrary, they compel everyone to vaccinate. Since vaccination is not mandatory, these churches should at least treat it as a matter of conscience. And they should know better the sin of stumbling a weaker brother with a weak conscience through coercion for a matter of conscience. 1 Cor 8:7-13. It will be going way too far to insinuate that if one does not get vaccinated, it is as good as not loving God and loving men. There are some brothers and sisters who cannot take the vaccination on medical ground. The church should know better not to exclude them from fellowship on practical economic reason. She should not prioritize expediency over love for the least of the brothers. Our Lord had warned against despising the little one in Matt 18:10-13. Matt 25:33-46.


*** Latest Update : Recently US surgeons claimed they have successfully given a pig’s kidney to a person in a transplant breakthrough.   Steven Collins has this to say in his prophecy blog sharing similar view that there was an ancient attempt to corrupt the human DNA.