Another Enterprise Project

As documented in my book, The Coming Economic Flood, that as I did not know how to prepare for the coming economic crisis, the best preparation was to fulfill the Manifesto of Christ in sharing the gospel in word and in deed. As I went about galvanizing churches to share the Good News into unreached villages by meeting basic needs as a necessary bridge to entering these villages, I realized that the church clergy themselves were in need. And the quickest way to be self sustaining is to have farms breeding goats, chicken and cultivating rice and vegetables.

Some years ago, I introduced the EM (Effective Micro-organism) technology into such farm experiment. And I never expect it to be so successful today – truly by the grace of God for His tremendous blessing along the way.

The use of EM technology was initially used as an alternative to pesticides and fertilizers but it was expanded to treat water and to control the odor of waste in the farm.

Praise the Holy Name of our Lord God for His tremendous blessings.

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