The Last Four Empires In The End Times

The traditional interpretation of Daniel chapter 2 and 7 is that they are dealing with the same empires.  In Chapter 2, we know that the empires were that of Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome.

But here are the reasons why the four beasts mentioned in Daniel chapter 7 cannot be referring to these same ancient empires :

  1. Daniel 7:12 mentioned that the first 3 empires will survive the destruction of the empire of the Antichrist. Babylon and Medo-Persia no longer existed.
  2. When Daniel received the interpretation of the vision, Daniel 7:17 clearly stated that these 4 beasts are empires which will arise in the future.  So Babylon could not be the first beast as Daniel was already living under the Babylonian empire at her height of glory.
  3. Daniel chapter 8 mentioned that the ram represented the kings of Media and Persia and the goat represented the kingdom of Greece. So the Bible will be terribly mixed up if the bear and leopard are used to represent these 2 same ancient empires.
  4. All these 4 beasts are apparently mentioned in Rev 13 and it is a single vision starting from Rev 12 to 14.   The vision starts from the birth of the Messiah to His defeat of the last beast.  When the Messiah came,  3 of the ancient empires of Babylon, Persia and Greece had already come and gone.

What are the four empires in the end times ?    Were some already here and have lost dominion ?  Do we have enough evidence to make conjecture about the existence of these empires now ?

I have read of some conjectures made by several ministers and theologians.  But this is the conjecture I believe in :

  1. The first beast, lion, was the British Empire.  The modern day symbol of the British Empire is a lion.   It ruled some 23% of the world’s population or 412 million at its height.  It was the largest empire in history.  The eagles’ wings were plucked off the lion and America gained her independence from Great Britain in 1776.  The symbol of America is an eagle.
  2. The second beast, bear, was the former Soviet Union.   The socialist empire, consisting of 15 republics,  existed from 1922 to 1991.  It was governed centrally by one single Communist Party from Moscow, the capital of the largest republic, Russia.    The modern day symbol of Russia is the bear.  The bear has 3 ribs in its mouth which may signify that Russia may try to retake 3 other republics again.   It has ambition to retake Ukraine and possibly another 2 states.
  3. The third beast, leopard, may be Germany. Germany had always tried to unite Europe.   The reign of Hitler from 1923 to 1945 was referred to as the Third Reich.  Hitler imagined his dictatorial regime was the successor to two great German empires.  The First Reich was the Holy Roman Empire ruled by Charlemagne.  And the Second Reich was the German Empire under Otto Van Bismark who ruled from 1870 to 1919.  Though the symbol of Germany is not the leopard but during World War 2,  she fought ferociously like a leopard.  Their most formidable weapon was the leopard tank.   Presently Germany is already dominating the European Union.  Is this the Fourth Reich ?   Or will a political union of 4 European nations arise with Germany as the leading state in the very near future as signified by this leopard beast with 4 heads and wings of a bird ?  The unofficial symbol of France is a rooster.

If the third beast is already here,  then the coming of the final beast, the Antichrist, is very near.  Will the European monetary union break up to cause a global economic collapse, and a new political cum monetary union arise under the Antichrist ?

Crypto-Currency And The One World Currency

(Summarizing an article by Tyler Durden on and highlighting his suggestion on the possible future of crypto-currency to be used for the one world currency.

There are a few things to know about crypto-currency:

  1. It is backed by nothing.  Anyone can create it out of thin air identical to the well-known Bitcoin.   If anyone can create, then there is no intrinsic value to the technology.  So literally thousands of such currencies can be created.
  2. In the event of a grid down or an internet lock-down (as it has occurred in the past in nations under crisis), the currency can be rendered useless because the blockchain ledger is no longer accessible.
  3. The amount of time and energy required to accumulate these digital currencies seem counterproductive in light of the fact that they might not be there when we actually need them. Trading with private wallets also make no sense because running into someone in the community with the same is very slim.
  4. The only attributes that made Bitcoin valuable are its branding and the amount of hype that is generated around it. Earlier, one more valuable characteristic is the supposed anonymity but now we know that any crypto-currency based on a block-chain ledger is highly traceable.
  5. What is happening to the boom and bust of crypto-currencies now can be likened to the Dutch Tulip mania.

As precious metals alternative system can be a threat to the current economic environment of fiat currencies,  Bitcoin and its likes can distract such attempt.

“In 1988, The Economist, a globalist publication, “predicted” that a global currency system would be launched in the year 2018.  It is now clear that crypto and the block-chain are that system.  This system would eventually use the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights basket as a kind of bridge to a one world currency, which they referred to as the “Phoenix”. Though some people claim that the SDR itself is not a currency, globalists apparently disagree.

Mohamed El-Erian, former CEO of PIMCO, praised the idea of using the SDR as a world currency mechanism and as a means to counter “populism,” reiterating the plan outlined in The Economist in 1988.

In The Economist article, it is also hinted that the role of the U.S. as an economic center for the world and the role of the dollar as world reserve currency will have to be diminished in order to clear a path for the new world order system. We see this already taking place now, as we verge on an economic crisis which could easily collapse equity markets, bond markets, as well as the reserve status of the dollar itself.

Lagarde’s latest piece is written like a sales pitch, selling the idea of central bank crypto not to central bankers, but to the financial media. The media will undoubtedly run with the talking points Lagarde suggests and regurgitate them in a blaze of articles as to why global crypto controlled by the IMF is the solution to all our fiscal problems.

The very core of the movement toward global crypto, I believe, is the destruction of anonymity in trade through a “cashless society”. When all trade is watched, all trade can be controlled. Beyond this, by monitoring trade transactions on a macro-scale, globalists can also, in a way, monitor mass psychology and predict public behaviour to a point.

Lagarde notes specifically in her article that anonymity from government oversight is unacceptable. She argues that any central bank cryptocurrency will have to ensure that private exchange is limited, and that centralized surveillance of transactions is warranted and necessary. What she of course fails to mention is that blockchain technology is already set up for government surveillance. It always has been. Not only this, but the very fabric of the blockchain requires that transactions are added to the ledger in order for the system to function. There is a built-in excuse for surveillance.

The only question is how exactly the IMF plans to attach the SDR basket to a crypto framework. This is not specifically described in Lagarde’s paper. I expect that this will not be a process of slow adaptations. Instead, it will be introduced swiftly in the midst of public panic.

The “everything bubble” created by central banks over the past decade is ready to pop. The Federal Reserve in particular has been enthusiastic about cutting off all stimulus measures, dumping assets from their balance sheet and raising interest rates into economic weakness during the worst corporate and consumer debt environment since 2008.

I suggest that the IMF already has a cryptocurrency mechanism ready to replace the dollar as world reserve, and that it will be infused into the SDR basket at the height of the coming crash. The fact that the IMF has been introducing central bank crypto talking points over the past year indicates to me that the crash is imminent.” – Tyler Durden.

The Impending Euro-zone Financial Crisis

The following article gives an easy-to-understand explanation of the impending financial crisis faced by the Eurozone without any solution in sight.

As we have witnessed in the last six or seven years,  Greece has received up to 4 bailouts.  The next few debtor nations – Italy, Spain and Portugal – have bigger debt problems than Greece which will similarly threaten the collapse of the euro.

Unless these debts are forgiven, the bailouts of all these debtor nations will continue unabated. And it will not be possible to continue such bailouts without any repercussion.


The World Has Gone Mad And Irresponsible

The global economy no longer grows as a result of industrial production and services expansion and almost all economies do not act responsibly to balance the fiscal budget anymore.

The article by Peak Prosperity explained how money printing out of thin air is used all the time to solve all economic woes at the moment and running budget deficit and not balancing budget is now the new normal.

“This is the lesson of the past eight years: if a problem can be solved by creating new money and buying assets, then central banks will solve that problem.

Problem: stock market is declining. Solution: create new money and buy, buy, buy stock index funds. Problem solved! Market stops falling and quickly rebounds as “central banks have our backs.”

Problem: interest rates are inhibiting lending and growth. Solution: create a few trillion units of currency and buy enough sovereign bonds to drop interest rates to near-zero.

Problem: nobody’s left who can afford to buy the new nosebleed-priced flats that underpin China’s miracle-grow economy. Solution: create new currency, lend it to local government agencies who then buy the empty flats.

Problem: stagnant employment and deflation. Solution: create a trillion in new currency, buy a trillion in new government bonds that then fund infrastructure projects, i.e. bridges to nowhere.

And so on. Any problem that can be solved by creating a few trillion out of thin air and buying assets will be solved.  The mechanism to solve these problems—creating currency out of nothing—is like a perpetual motion machine: there are no intrinsic limits on the amount of new money that can created at near-zero interest, as the interest payments can be funded by new money.

Even better, the central bank (the Federal Reserve) buys Treasury bonds with the new currency that generate income, which is then returned to the Treasury: a perpetual-motion money machine!

The policy of creating trillions in new currency and buying trillions in assets has inflated an everything bubble, a bubble in all the asset classes being supported or purchased by central banks and their proxies.

Many observers wonder what, if anything, could pop the everything bubble.”

The article gave 3 reasons which could be the catalyst to pop this everything bubble.

  1. For non-tradable sectors of the economy, it is already running red hot and printing money will not cool it.
  2. Social Disorder. Soaring wealth-income inequality will come to a head sooner or later.
  3. Fragmentation Of The Elites. The disappearing middle class will be a major concern very soon.

The Coming Collapse Of China’s Ponzi Scheme Economy

A very well written article by a financial columnist of South China Morning Post, Mr Jake Van Der Kamp, explaining the mechanics of a ponzi scheme economy of China.

Using example of steel production as representative of all manufacturing industries,  the article explained this way :

“Why is so much steel needed?

Simple. It is needed to build more steel mills so as to build more shipyards, ports, railways and bridges so that more ships can be built to carry more iron ore to more ports and thence along more rails and bridges to more steel mills so as to build more shipyards, ports, railways …

What we have here, in short, is a giant Ponzi scheme. In a Ponzi scheme you pay out the winnings of the first entrants with what others later pay into it.

As long as it keeps growing everything is fine. When it stops growing it collapses.

In this case you justify production with demand based purely on more production. As long as you keep pushing production up everything looks fine. At its peak in 2014 China turned out 30 times more cement than the United States, and the latest production figures are only a smidgen less than 2014’s.

Command systems may be good at deciding where to direct economic effort in wartime but they are hopeless in peacetime at deciding when to stop and do something else.

They just keep going down the same old track and then what you get is economic cancer, uncontrollable growth.”

You can read more in the following link.

Which Assets Are Most Likely to Survive the Inevitable “System Re-Set”?

According to the following article in the link :

The main takeaway is this: your skills, knowledge and social capital will emerge unscathed on the other side of the re-set wormhole. Land and real property you own free and clear (no debt) is likely to remain in your possession, as long as you can pay soaring taxes/junk fees during the crisis phase. Your financial assets held in centrally controlled institutions will not make it through unscathed; they are simply too easy for central authorities to expropriate.

In my book, The Coming Economic Flood, or in talks, I have suggested similar preparation :

1.  Debt free property ownership.

2.  Learn certain skills that are required at all times.

3.  Help one another during good times to build self sustaining industries so that those with the eventual capable means can help those without during the hard times.


The Fourth Turning – A Seminal Work On Generational Cycles

In my book, The Coming Economic Flood, I stated that I finally understood the message God has given me. When God finally judges the Babylonian financial system, all 3 groups – the kings of the earth, merchants and those who make their living by sea – will weep together.  At this time, the kings of the earth, the governments, are still able to keep the system afloat by massive quantitative easing.  And that averted the collapse in Sep 2015 when stock markets collapsed spectacularly around the world, especially in China.  It is amazing to note that a USD 2.5 trillion debt bubble burst in US housing loan market nearly caused the global collapse in 2008 and yet a USD 11 trillion stock market drop in Sep 2015 did not cause anything near the contagion seen in late 2008.

We have noticed that the financial crises happened 7 years apart for the past few decades.  God has judged the symbol of Babylon (WTC) in Sep 2001 and the system partially in Sep 2008 and Sep 2015.  Thanks be to God for His patience and long-suffering that He has given further time for His people to come out of Babylon.  Will the collapse come by Sep 2022 ?   Or was Sep 2015 actually the last trigger ?


The above article made these very interesting comments :

“One of the most discomforting aspects of Neil Howe and William Strauss’ seminal work on generational cycles, The Fourth Turning (1997), is the fact that as far as American history is concerned, they all climax and end with massive wars.

To be more specific, the first “fourth turning” in American history culminated with the Revolutionary War (1775-1783), the second culminated with the Civil War (1861-1865), while the third ended with the bloodiest war in world history, World War II (1939-1945). The number of years between the end of the Revolutionary War and the start of the Civil War was 78 years, and the number of years between the end of the Civil War and the start of World War II was 74 years (76 years if you use America’s entry into the war as your starting date). Therefore, if Howe & Strauss’ theory holds any water, and I think it does, we’re due for a major conflict somewhere around 75 years from the end of World War II. That brings us to 2020.

The more I look around, the more signs appear everywhere that the world is headed into another major conflict. From an unnecessary resurgence of a Cold War with Russia, to increased tensions in the South China Sea and complete chaos and destruction in the Middle East, the world is a gigantic tinderbox. All it will take to transform these already existing conflict zones into a major conflagration is another severe global economic downturn, something I fully expect to happen within the next 1-2 years. Frighteningly, this puts on a perfect collision course with the 2020 area…”

Looking at the terribly flawed monetary policies of all major economies which have already crossed over the threshold of returning into balance, it will take a miracle to avert the inevitable collapse.  The question is not “if” but “when”.   As God’s people, we will come out of Babylon, prepare and rejoice when it happens.  Rev 18:20; Rev 19:1-2.



When Will The Global Financial System Finally Collapse ?

The growth of the current global economy is fueled by debt and it is definitely not sustainable.  The current banking system offers so many personal loans to satisfy consumers to be able to afford the desired standard of living.  Such crippling debt enslaves the average modern man.  God hates this usury system because it enslaves people with crippling debt.   When God led the Israelites out of Egypt, He gave them repeated warnings about the danger of usury, which is borrowing money with an interest premium.  (For further reading, you can refer to Ex 22:25; Lev 25:35-37; Deut 23:19).  Obviously knowing the enslaving powers of debt, God mandated regular debt relief programs in the years of release (7 years apart) and the Jubilee Year (Deut 15:1-2).   These institutions were designed to prevent debt from overwhelming and enslaving the Israelite population.   –  extracted from the book, The Coming Economic Flood.

You will notice that the major banking or economic crisis occurred 7 years apart since 1973 to 2015 which is surely no coincidence.  I see God’s hand in these events for God will finally destroy Babylon and all her wealth in one hour.

1973            Oil Embargo.    45% loss in stock market.

1980            Savings and Loans crisis.

1987            Black October Monday stock market crash.

1994             Bond massacre.

2001 Sep      Dot com bust.     The judgment on symbol of Babylon – WTC.

2008  Sep     The Great Recession.  The judgment on Babylon.  Near collapse.

2015  Sep      The USD 11 trillion global market crash.  Another Babylon warning.

When God finally judges Babylon mentioned in Rev 18, all 3 groups will weep –  the kings of the earth, merchants and those who make their living by the sea.   Babylon mentioned is unmistakably the alliance of governments (kings of the earth), all global MNCs and all SME enterprises (the merchants), and the global shipping lines and ports cum financial centers (those who make their living by the sea) forming a global supply chain and financial system engaged in globalised trade.   All have grown rich as a result of this alliance.  This is the current capitalism we know today.

I believe God is gracious and patient hoping to give more time to His people to come out of Babylon.   The governments have continued to prop up the system with quantitative easing reaching incredibly high debt level now.   And they will continue to print USD 3 to 4 trillion or more annually till it eventually collapses.

Again in Sep 2015 with global markets crashing and losing USD 11 trillion worldwide without any contagion due to quick quantitative easing measures to contain,  how long can the system continue with the unsustainable exponential exploding debt fuelled measures ?

In the parable of the wicked tenants, after 3 failed attempts to collect from the tenants,  the landowner eventually came and destroy the tenants.  I was given the first vision in Sep 2001 and eventually I understood the whole message in early 2013.   So in a parallel,  with 3 consecutive warnings in Sep 2001, Sep 2008 and Sep 2015,  will the global financial system eventually collapse by the next global crisis ?

Postscript (1st June 2020) :   By September 2019, God impressed upon me that the next economic crisis may be way before Sep 2022.  And from Oct to Dec 2019,  I wrote several warning posts on my facebook timeline.  And I believed then the catalyst for the coming crisis might not be the deterioration of the financial situation but rather a calamity such as a massive earthquake hitting a major financial city or a global pestilence.


The Reasons For The Economic Woes Today

Leaving aside the sure fulfillment of biblical prophecy concerning the judgment on Babylon, the political and financial system we know today as mentioned in Rev 18, let’s be sober to look at the hard economic facts today. There is simply an exponential explosion of sovereign debt without the accompanying industrial expansion.

These reasons given in the Zerohedge article have always been my argument (…/2016-07…/brexit-crisis-capitalism):

1. Replacing stagnant real growth and income (and thus taxes) with debt.
2. Replacing investment in real-world productivity with speculation (i.e. financialization)
3. Replacing “everyone must have skin in the game” free-market capitalism with protected, privileged Elites crony capitalism in which the few benefit at the expense of the many.
4. Replacing local, decentralized democracy and ownership with central planning.
5. Using “extend and pretend” financial trickery to mask insolvency, impaired assets/ collateral and non-performing loans rather than address the debt overhang directly via write-downs and liquidations of impaired assets.

Fasten your seat belt. The ride has not ended with Brexit. More of the same are coming – Grexit, Departugal. Italeave. Fruxxx. Czechout. Oustria. Finish. Slovlong. Latervia. Byegium.

As this irresponsible fiscal madness has crossed over the threshold of keeping the budget deficits of all major blocs under control,  the system will implode at some point in time.


The Beginning Of The Birth Pains

Jesus our Lord mentioned the following signs which will precede His coming in Matt 24:

  1. False Christs.
  2. Wars and rumors of wars.
  3. Famines.
  4. Earthquakes.
  5. Persecution leading to many falling away.
  6. Many false prophets leading many astray.
  7. Lawlessness will increase.
  8. The love of many will grow cold.

Yet these are merely the signs of the beginning of the birth pains.

Throughout the history of the last 2000 years or more since Jesus ascended to heaven, such signs have been observed anyway.  So how can we be certain we are staring at the beginning of the birth pains ?

Can exponentially increased instances of these signs be considered conclusive proof ?

Firstly, it is interesting to ponder why Jesus our Lord called the beginning of the end times as birth pains.  At the onset of labor in child birth, pain caused by uterine contractions will intensify in magnitude till the baby is born.  The intensification of labor pain is a good illustration of the sudden escalation or exponential occurrence of calamitous events.

Secondly,  the sudden-ness of the escalation of an event in an exponential fashion seems to mirror the sudden-ness of His coming that our Lord Jesus had talked about that many will still be caught unawares.  Mark 13:35-37; Luke 21:34-35; 1 Thess 5:3; Prov 29:1.

The exponential function is lingering at the bottom for the most part of the time and then suddenly it shoots up to the top.   That sudden turn will usually catch many unawares because for the most part,  the event has remained dormant.


Habakkuk 2:3

For the vision is yet for the appointed time;
It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail.
Though it tarries, wait for it;
For it will certainly come, it will not delay.

Dr Albert Bartlett was the president of the American Association of Physics Teachers in 1978.  In his seminal presentation, “Arithmetic, Population and Energy”,  he mentioned this famous phrase “The greatest shortcoming of the human race is the inability to understand the exponential function”.

In his lecture, he was trying to explain that within a finite system, modest annual growth at a certain percentage cannot continue indefinitely.  In the example of oil usage, the human race may be caught unawares when modest annual growth of the use of critical resources like oil due to population growth can result in sudden escalation of depletion in a relatively short period of time.  The logic is simple and irrefutable.  And when this critical stage of depletion of oil happens, for example,  we will face an apocalypse.

Today, we face this scenario of exponential depletion of all critical resources.

And also the exponential increase of fiat monetary supply without corresponding industrial productivity expansion will result in a collapse.  We have seen the increase way past the inflexion point of the exponential curve.

Get ready for the fulfilment of the judgment of wealth mentioned in Rev 18 when the kings of the earth (governments),  merchants (global MNCs and all SMEs) and those who make their living by the sea (major seaports cum financial centres)  will weep when God judges.

– extracted from my book, The Coming Economic Flood.