The Church And The End Times

It is so exciting to know that David Pawson, a very prominent British Bible teacher, taught the same message as mine about the coming global economic collapse as prophesized in Revelation 18. (From 46 minutes 17 seconds of the video onwards).

He added that God exhorted us to come out of Babylon.  God did not say He would take us out of her.  God’s people will rejoice at the collapse of this system. Rev 18: 20 (Set me thinking what if Christians are not too keen to even hear such a message ?)   He further added  that God revealed the future to us is to allow us to prepare for it now and the right preparation is to prepare as taught by our Lord Jesus in Luke 16.

Preparation For The Coming Economic Flood

I have been sharing about the coming global economic collapse since 2011 in Indonesia, Philippines, China and also here in Singapore in pastoral conferences and church worship services.  Before I received the third vision in Jan 2013 to complete the message God had given me since 2001,  I went about sharing about the inevitable collapse of Europe and America due to the point of no return of their dire financial situation.  In my book, The Coming Economic Flood, I advocated mainly spiritual preparation and getting out of debt and godly stewardship as part of the physical preparation.  It is so heartwarming to hear the same message “Weathering the Coming Storm” from Chuck Missler, founder of the Koinonia House ministry. Part 4/6 gives the personal physical preparation.


Monetary Policymakers Tooth-less To Fight Next Crisis, warns BIS

Monetary Policymakers have run out of room to fight the next crisis with interest rates unable to go lower, the BIS warns…And the continued mis-allocation of resources during busts prompted by central banks’ rock-bottom interest rates has also hammered productivity growth, the BIS said, as a prolonged reliance on debt had been used in its place. This problem is compounded as the world’s populations continue to age, the organisation warned, making debt burdens harder to bear. Yet politicians have relied too much on temporary growth boosts by using debt, rather than making painful choices, said the BIS.

Possible Triggers of the Coming Economic Flood

This is one look at some possible triggers of the Coming Economic Flood by Mr Jim Rickards, the Financial Threat and Asymmetric Warfare Advisor for both the Pentagon and CIA, author of “Currency Wars” and “The Death of Money” :

1.  Foreign Ownership of Government Debt.

2.  The Fall of the Petrodollar.

3.  Global Gold Rebalancing.

4.  Collapse of China.

5.  The IMF’s Plan to replace the dollar.

Repeated Warning from the Bank of International Settlements

Not a quarter passes without the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) aka central banks’ central bank (also the locus of some of the most aggressive manipulation of gold and FX in human history) reiterating a dire warning about the fire and brimstone that is about to be unleashed upon the global economy…low-interest policies have made it easy for the private sector to postpone deleveraging, easy for the government to finance deficits, and easy for the authorities to delay needed reforms in the real economy and in the financial system. Overindebtedness is one of the major barriers on the path to growth after a financial crisis. Borrowing more year after year is not the cure…
The global economy continues to face serious challenges. Despite a pickup in growth, it has not shaken off its dependence on monetary stimulus. Monetary policy is still struggling to normalise after so many years of extraordinary accommodation. Despite the euphoria in financial markets, investment remains weak. Instead of adding to productive capacity, large firms prefer to buy back shares or engage in mergers and acquisitions. And despite lacklustre long-term growth prospects, debt continues to rise. –


The Coming Flood Preparation.

Another shorter message.   The watchman kept repeating the maxim that if you prepare and the flood never come,  you lose nothing but if you do not prepare and the flood come, you have everything to lose.  Another important point made :  God has not intended that the warning is to strike fear but rather to be prepared as not to be alarmed.   Jesus our Lord warned in Luke 21 about coming calamities and persecution but added that we should not be alarmed which was His intention of warning.

The Coming Flood Preparation.

In the several conferences and churches that I have shared till now about the coming economic flood,  the top concern is still about knowing how to prepare physically for it.   There are several secular websites on this topic.   Here is one Christian ministry calling for similar preparation like having an emergency fund, getting out of debt and trusting God as the highest priority. Zeph 2:3.

Coming Collapse of the Monetary System

One of the more interesting look at the signals and flashpoints of the coming economic depression with convincing charts. From the 28th minute 30 sec to 30th minute of the interview, it was mentioned that the IMF may bail out the Fed with their printed money and a question is posed on who is running the IMF – an unaccountable king, dictator or communist ? Though it was a secular interview on economic issues, could it unexpectedly predict the coming one world dictator as prophesized ?