Pilot Programme To Train Pastors In Self Sustaining Agricultural Enterprise

As documented in my book, The Coming Economic Flood, that as I did not know how to prepare for the coming economic crisis, the best preparation was to fulfill the Manifesto of Christ in sharing the gospel in word and in deeds. As I went about galvanizing churches to share the Good News into unreached villages by meeting basic needs as a necessary bridge to entering these villages, I realized that the church clergy themselves were also in need. And the quickest way to be self sustaining is to have farms breeding goats, chicken and cultivating rice and vegetables.

In a ministry partnership with Alfa Omega Ministries from 2011,  land and part of the necessary means to cultivate rice were bought and offered to the ministry.  Expertise to teach the use of technology for better yield and development of an organic eco-system of producing clean water and fertilizers was solicited.

By the grace of God,  the mission of this specific physical preparation has materialized.  All glory and honour to our Lord Jesus !

Recently, due to hard economic conditions in some islands,  Alfa Omega Ministries is able to help and alleviate the hardship with the produce and share the Good News fulfilling the original objective of this mission.

Another interesting development is that the neighbouring communities of other faiths began to notice the better yield and had requested for help.  We will pray for their salvation and make possible inroads to share the Good News.

This week marked the next milestone in a pilot programme to train pastors from other neighbouring countries such as Myanmar and Philippines.  And we will extend the programme to any pastor who is interested to learn.

Hallelujah !  Bless The Holy Name of our Lord Jesus Christ !

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Fellowship And Ministry In Olangapo, Philippines

Felt so blessed to fellowship with these godly servants who love our Lord so much that they give all of their lives to caring for God’s people and are so committed to reach out and share the gospel to their city folk and beyond –  Pastor Anton of Jesus Love You City Church and Pastor Ramil and Pastor Jimmy of True Life Ministries, and several ministers who came to worship and fellowship in an afternoon conference hosted by Pastor Rolly.

(This is no casual praise for I know of their personal sacrifice in serving the Lord.  It will take much time to share their testimonies here but the Lord knows.  All glory and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ.)

So touched that they made time to fellowship despite their heavy schedule and out-of-the-way inconvenience.

So grateful to Pastor Martin who accompanied me all the time.

All thanks to our Lord Jesus. Bless His holy name.



Hopeful Launch Of The Prison Fellowship International Ministry In Indonesia

By the grace of God, Pastor Jhonston Silitonga, Chairman of the Body of Christ Fellowship Indonesia (BOCF) welcome Sister Penny Gonnay, Asia Pacific Director of Prison Fellowship International (PFI), to grace the BOCF pastoral conference and hope to launch the PFI ministry in Indonesia, by the grace of God.

She spoke passionately about sharing the Good News and discipleship through the prison ministry on a national effort and had appointed Pastor Lukas to be the main contact in the hope that the PFI ministry can be established in Indonesia.

For 20 years, the pastors of BOCF numbering up to a thousand, obeyed the exhortation in Heb 10:24-25 to meet every month to stimulate one another to love and good works while waiting eagerly for the return of our Lord.  Most do so with much personal sacrifice.

Hallelujah ! All glory and honor to Jesus Christ our Lord.

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Hopeful Launch Of The Prison Fellowship International Ministry In Philippines

Ms Penny E Gonnay, the Asia Pacific Director of Prison Fellowship International has graciously turned up to grace the conference of 200 chaplains and pastors in Bangasinan, Philippines on 13th January 2017.

All praise and thanks to our Lord Jesus and God our Father for answering our prayer to have her tremendous support in selecting the National Chaplains of Philippines as possible partner in the prison ministry.

43 chaplains and pastors in Bangasinan Province have signed up for the 3 day training program to be conducted by Ms Penny personally probably in February 2017.   More chaplains from other provinces will sign up very soon as well.

All glory and honor to Jesus our Lord.

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Thanksgiving Night In Villasis, Bangasinan, Philippines

13th January 2017

So full of joy to join the whole town in celebrating the goodness of God our Father and Jesus our Lord.  Together with the mayor, vice mayor, municipal leaders, church leaders and the whole town, we worshiped the Lord and give thanks together for His blessings for the past year.

I thanked the Lord for the honor to deliver a short message to the town.  I shared about honoring the leaders who work hard for their welfare and doing good to one another while waiting eagerly for the return of our Lord.  I gave the concluding exhortation in 1 Thess 5:12-22.

All thanks and glory to Jesus Christ our Lord.

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Pastoral Conference In Batu, East Java, Indonesia

Felt blessed to join fellow comrades in the annual conference in which the exhortation to be the faithful Bride and the necessary preparation to eagerly await the coming Bridegroom is resolutely shared.

Main Message :

To be people of His pasture, we must repent of our everything and surrender all.  The world is getting more and more lawless mocking God including the apostate church.  Homosexuality, and the chip likely representing the mark of the Beast show the spirit of Antichrist is already here. We must be presented as the worthy Bride to the coming Bridegroom.   Eph 5:25-27

Also felt blessed to be given some 15 minutes to share about the inevitable coming economic collapse.

All praise and glory to our Lord Jesus when all attendee pastors of different denominations and diverse cultures can come together for fellowship and to encourage one another to commit to be one in the Body of Christ our Lord eagerly awaiting His return.


Ministry In Bacolod, Philippines

It was a trip of great joy of fellowship with fellow pastors and brothers and sisters in Bacolod, Philippines.   Thanks be to God for the humbling experience of witnessing their tremendous desire to glorify God in every aspect of their lives.

I went to the worship service of several churches and I witnessed the unity in earnest corporate prayer of a spiritual awakening and divine help in humbling themselves, seeking God’s face and turning from sinful ways in line with the recent political change as ordained by God.  As the nation is not really in the Babylonian system of money and merry making in the first place unlike the decadent First World countries and cities, there is no need to come out of it. God will surely bless the land !

The same rallying cry of these churches is to trust and obey God !   What a humbling experience for me who live in arrogance, excess of food, prosperous ease and the indifference to helping the poor. Ezek 16:49-50.   I noticed that this was not planned but spontaneous convicting cry before God.

Over the next 2 days, I conducted the workshop of spiritual and physical preparation in anticipation of the coming economic flood in the province.   May God bless the preparation these churches will be implementing.  All praise and glory to Jesus our Lord !


First Indonesia Youth Conference, Batam 22-25 June 2016

The theme is Preparation For The End Times.

Praise the Lord for the good turnout with many youths participating from other regions including Jakarta.

Praise and thanks be to God for the spiritual and physical blessings bestowed on Alfa Omega Ministry convicting the leaders to share and bless other churches as well.

By the grace of God, timing cannot be more timely for me and my senior pastor to share about both the spiritual and physical preparation for the end times preparing them on the right priority for their lives ahead as we see the market turmoil and lawlessness today.

Practical skills will be taught by my senior pastor on a day trip to another island as part of the physical preparation as we must come out of the god-less Babylonian system.




Evangelism Through Giving Out Tracts

I still believe in this old fashioned way of evangelism.   The Good News gospel about Christ is by itself the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes.  Rom 1:16. NLT.

Several years ago,  I went to the Sunday morning worship service of a church to meet up with an old classmate.  After the service,  an Indian man approached me and gave me a hug.   I had no Indian close friend so I was pleasantly surprised.  He even remembered my name.

He told me that I was the guy who gave him a gospel tract when I went giving out tracts in the Orchard Road area many years ago.

Praise the Lord for this old fashioned and effective way of evangelism.  Worldly wisdom will view such ways as weak and foolish but it is the power of God at work that really matters.

God (deliberately) chose things the world considers foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise. And he chose things that are powerless to shame those who are powerful. 28 God chose things despised by the world, things counted as nothing at all, and used them to bring to nothing what the world considers important. 29 As a result, no one can ever boast in the presence of God.  1 Cor 1:27-29 NLT.

Getting ready to start this evangelism effort again this weekend in the vicinity of the church I currently help out.  I have written this tract to show the Chinese that our ancient forebears had this knowledge of one and only Triune God all along through history as evidenced in our written language, customs and philosophies.

May God bless our harvesting labour in the field.  And God willing,  may He bless and avail the labourers to bring forth this tract to the whole nation and beyond.

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Reminiscing My First Evangelistic Mission Foray

Just reminiscing the first evangelistic mission foray into the mission field with little or no experience in 2009.

A fellow ministry worker and I were called on this first mission to evangelize a nearby region which we had no idea that it would be the most hostile place to the Good News in this part of the world.

We partnered with a local missionary who acted as our coordinator and translator.  After one year of training, we told the believers to form a fellowship or church.   We supplemented the income of the leaders to enable them to gather all new believers for regular fellowship meeting.

As the group grew to the size of 105 members by the grace of God,  we decided to help them with their livelihood by implementing two projects –  goat rearing and manufacturing of fish boxes.