Galvanizing Church Pastors To Start Tent-making Enterprise

Two years ago in a national chaplaincy conference in Baguio city in which I shared about the coming economic flood, I broached the idea to the needy pastors to rear pigs to supplement their income. Knowing that they would be short of start up capital, I requested that we would pray together for God’s provision.

Praise the Lord that one pastor took up this idea of starting such a farm. Instead of helping him with the entire start up funds, JC Manifesto was able to help him with the occasional lack of funds through gifts and loans for the feed or other operational needs.

(We have learned from experience in the past when we provided the whole start up fund for certain enterprise in Indonesia, the pastors were less committed.)

Today, he has about 30 pigs and piglets. Praying that he can succeed with this tent-making opportunity to be an example for other fellow pastors to follow suit.


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