Galvanizing Churches To Double Their Church Buildings As Shelters

It has been my vision since the start of my ministry a decade ago.   I have been praying for God’s provision towards this vision since and will continue to pray for it.

Majority of the rooms and sanctuaries of the church building of most evangelical churches are closed during the week and only open for worship services and fellowship meetings on weekends.   It will be most wonderful to open up such rooms and sanctuaries as homeless shelters during the week modeled after the single night shelter operated by churches in New York City.  The homeless will queue for a place to sleep at these churches by 5 pm and get to stay for the night.

The budget and human resources for such ministry are not taxing.   A one time investment of foldable beds, bed sheets and pillows can be made for the fixed expense.  As for the operating expense,  all church members can volunteer to welcome the homeless and to wash the bed sheets.   If the church membership is large,  one only get to perform such duty once a year.  Budget for warm soup served is not much either.

As the economic flood is imminent,  many will suffer homelessness in the major freewheeling cities in China and other Asian cities.

May God grant my prayer wish this year by opening doors for me to share across the Asia region to galvanize churches to take up this ministry and to encourage all to give towards such cause.




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