Ministry In Bacolod, Philippines

It was a trip of great joy of fellowship with fellow pastors and brothers and sisters in Bacolod, Philippines.   Thanks be to God for the humbling experience of witnessing their tremendous desire to glorify God in every aspect of their lives.

I went to the worship service of several churches and I witnessed the unity in earnest corporate prayer of a spiritual awakening and divine help in humbling themselves, seeking God’s face and turning from sinful ways in line with the recent political change as ordained by God.  As the nation is not really in the Babylonian system of money and merry making in the first place unlike the decadent First World countries and cities, there is no need to come out of it. God will surely bless the land !

The same rallying cry of these churches is to trust and obey God !   What a humbling experience for me who live in arrogance, excess of food, prosperous ease and the indifference to helping the poor. Ezek 16:49-50.   I noticed that this was not planned but spontaneous convicting cry before God.

Over the next 2 days, I conducted the workshop of spiritual and physical preparation in anticipation of the coming economic flood in the province.   May God bless the preparation these churches will be implementing.  All praise and glory to Jesus our Lord !


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