Ministry In Phnom Penh, Cambodia

All praise and thanks be to God for the hospitality extended to us by Prison Fellowship Cambodia (PFC)  during our 4 days’ stay in Phnom Penh from 6 to 9 July 2017.   We were briefed on the organisation, governance and programs.

PFC conducts the following 6 programs :

  1. Vocational training.
  2. Health and nutrition provision.
  3. Visitation of foreign prisoners.
  4. Resiliency of spirit course.
  5. Reintegration support.
  6. Support for children of prisoners.

We also visited one of the largest churches in Phnom Penh, New Life Fellowship and her affiliated churches in other provinces who partner PFC in the above programs to better understand the support they may require.

PFC currently has 28 pastors in 28 provinces partnering them in the prison visitation ministry and conducting the resiliency of spirit course in the provincial prison, and a further 65 pastors partnering in the support program for the children of prisoners.

We will commit to prayer for the Lord’s blessing in the possible collaboration of helping the PFC volunteer pastors in establishing self sustaining enterprise.  The project of rearing chicken using the EM technology is one such possible enterprise in which we can provide training and funding.   Funding is also available through micro-finance in which we have good relationship with the micro finance companies operating in Cambodia.


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