My Open Letter To My Comrades In Christ

(In partnership with Dr Kecha Seyie, President of Nagaland Christian Revival Theological Association,  JC’s Manifesto Ministries was able to send over 200 solar lamps to the border villages of Nepal giving the missionaries a bridge to reach into the villages in Nepal to share the gospel both in word and in deed.  Due to the tense political situation between India and Nepal,  the missionaries congregated in a local Nepalese church for a seminar.  The following letter allowed me to be there in the spirit to share a word of encouragement to fellow comrades in the field.)

To fellow pastors and saints in Christ in Nagaland and Nepal,

My fellow comrades in the field,

Grace and peace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ.

I thank my God for the excellent report of your tremendous love for our Lord Jesus in carrying out His given commission in Nagaland and in Nepal.   Nagaland is completely won for Christ.  Hallelujah !   Though Nepal is a stronghold of the enemy,  we give thanks to God that so much is done to win souls there.

Whenever our Lord went in His ministry,  not only He shared the Good News but also He did so much good works in casting out demons and healing the sick.  And His disciples were also obedient in doing the same as we read in Mark 6:12-13.

Without doubt,  we are called to stimulate each other to love and good works, not neglecting to meet often and all the more as we see the Day drawing near.

I give thanks to God for allowing me to be a vessel in partnering you in sharing the gospel both in word as well as in deed.

God has enabled many Christian ministries to be established to meet such needs as orphanage,  medical clinics,  bible schools and social enterprises.   As for me, God has guided me to establish a platform in JC’s Manifesto Ministries to meet basic needs such as providing light through solar lamps,  clean water through biosand water filters and basic food staple through basic farm equipment.

Please feel free to check out my web blog  where I shared the various ministries I am working on,  some important teachings to fend against the rampant false teaching and my faith journey.

If God so wills that such evangelistic outreach programs be done in India and Nepal,  He will provide as we seek His will.

I look forward to going to the harvest field with you one day if God so wills.

Right now, I would like to share an important message.

Our Lord specifically told us that before He returns,  hard times will come.  There will be spiritual deception,  calamities and persecution of unprecedented scale as He warned us in Luke 21:7-19.

We are told to observe the times and to be prepared and pray to escape the times as in Luke 21:28-36.

God has graciously given me visions to make me better understand  the judgment of Babylon in Rev 18.   In Rev 18,  God revealed He will destroy all the wealth in one hour.   All the kings of the earth, merchants and those who make their living by the sea will weep at the demise of Babylon.   This is unmistakably the present global capitalistic system of governments,  multinational companies and supporting small and medium enterprises and the global seaports cum financial centres like Singapore, New York, Hongkong and Shanghai.

Today,  the other 2 aspects of the Babylonian system, the religious and political systems,  have also reared their heads.  The different faiths are close to form one world religion.  Same sex marriage have been legalized in many countries already which openly oppose God’s laws in an unprecedented and blatant way.

The financial system today will collapse very soon.   The stock markets around the world has collapsed in September this year wiping out  USD 11 trillion already which is so much larger than the loss of USD 2.5 trillion in the aftermath of the US subprime loan crisis in September 2008.   The sovereign debt of all major economies has gone off the point of no return and is beyond even service of interest payment.

God’s people are told to rejoice at God’s judgment in Rev 18:20.  So if we are vigilant,  we have nothing to fear.  As long as we seek His righteousness first and come out of Babylon,  we will not face the plagues of mourning, famine and death.

God is not telling us to quit all commercial activity.  On the contrary, we are to warn the idle among us.   All the more we should be hardworking and to provide the relief for those who are suffering from famine.

The book of Acts in chapter 11:27-30 gave us a good example.  The prophet Agabus predicted a global famine and the Antioch church started saving the relief and later provided it to the Judea church through Paul and Barnabas.

Let’s stay watchful and prepare as exhorted in 1 Thess 5.

Encourage one another and build up one another.

Warn the idle.  Encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, and be patient with one another.

Rejoice always and pray without ceasing so that we do not lose hope.

Do not despise prophecy but test everything carefully.

The church must start to save and prepare for this day.  Like in the days of Joseph in Egypt,  Joseph saved the grain during the 7 years of bountiful harvest in anticipation of the 7 years of famine.   Command the rich in the church to be generous in good works as exhorted in 1 Tim 6:17-19.

When trouble comes,  there will be many falling away due to lack of root but there is also a great harvest at the same time.   Many will seek God when they realize how helpless and mortal they are.   Let’s all of us pray to be the vessel in bringing in this great harvest.

As for personal physical preparation, seek wisdom from God as He will gives it generously to those who ask.  Noah,  when being warned of the impending judgment, with reverent fear built an ark to save his family.  Pray for God’s wisdom to build this “ark”.

Let me end this letter with this exhortation from Zeph 2:3

Seek the Lord, All you humble of the earth Who have carried out His ordinances; Seek righteousness, seek humility. Perhaps you will be hidden In the day of the Lord’s anger.

Your brother and comrade in Christ,

Pastor Anthony Ho



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