Pilot Programme To Train Pastors In Self Sustaining Agricultural Enterprise

As documented in my book, The Coming Economic Flood, that as I did not know how to prepare for the coming economic crisis, the best preparation was to fulfill the Manifesto of Christ in sharing the gospel in word and in deeds. As I went about galvanizing churches to share the Good News into unreached villages by meeting basic needs as a necessary bridge to entering these villages, I realized that the church clergy themselves were also in need. And the quickest way to be self sustaining is to have farms breeding goats, chicken and cultivating rice and vegetables.

In a ministry partnership with Alfa Omega Ministries from 2011,  land and part of the necessary means to cultivate rice were bought and offered to the ministry.  Expertise to teach the use of technology for better yield and development of an organic eco-system of producing clean water and fertilizers was solicited.

By the grace of God,  the mission of this specific physical preparation has materialized.  All glory and honour to our Lord Jesus !

Recently, due to hard economic conditions in some islands,  Alfa Omega Ministries is able to help and alleviate the hardship with the produce and share the Good News fulfilling the original objective of this mission.

Another interesting development is that the neighbouring communities of other faiths began to notice the better yield and had requested for help.  We will pray for their salvation and make possible inroads to share the Good News.

This week marked the next milestone in a pilot programme to train pastors from other neighbouring countries such as Myanmar and Philippines.  And we will extend the programme to any pastor who is interested to learn.

Hallelujah !  Bless The Holy Name of our Lord Jesus Christ !

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