Testimony (11)

Since my first vision of 9/11, I had been waiting upon the Lord in prayer and diligent study of the Scripture.  I believed all along that God would reveal to me the message, and with this second vision (in late 2004), I was certain that He had called me to share a message about the coming collapse of the global financial system.  As I did not graduate from any seminary, or have any leadership position in the local church,  there was hardly any network to call upon to share the message.  I believed God would then open the doors for me.

Before I could go on the road to share the message, I was struck with excruciating pain at the coccyx, commonly known as the tail-bone, in 2006.  I could not sit down at all.  If I just sat down for a moment, I would feel excruciating pain.  The whole year was spent seeking specialist treatment and therapy.  Yet the pain did not diminish, and I was literally standing all the time while being awake.  The specialists told me that the wear and tear of my tail-bone came much too early, and there was no surgery to rectify it at that time.  I have learned to pray for all circumstances, and prayer in this instance was not only my first option but also the only option.  I learned to bear with the pain as time went by.  I believed God would heal me, as I still had a message to share.  He answered my prayer one year later.  I was completely healed of the pain.  Hallelujah !  All thanks and praise to God and Christ my Lord.

  • Extracted from my book, The Coming Economic Flood

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