Testimony (14)

Phil 4:6

 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

We will encounter trials and tests of our faith in our life journey.   Do we bring our anxieties to God in the first instance and ask for deliverance ?

At times, God delivered us.  And at other times, God granted us peace to deal with the situation.

My 2 minor children aged 14 and 13 were supposed to join a church delegation on an overseas mission. They were initially allowed to fly but were later denied and offloaded because they would need a waiver of exclusion ground to travel unaccompanied by a parent.

We told them not to be disappointed but to bring everything to God in prayer first.

We had 3 hurdles to clear together :

  1. We hoped the airline would allow them to fly again without considering as no-show for the promo ticket they had purchased. That was unlikely because it was our fault for not finding out about such regulation.
  2. We had to expedite the application for this waiver at the destination country embassy which normally required at least 3 days in advance for such application.
  3. Even if we clear the first 2 hurdles, would there be available seats the next day since we were informed few seats were available ?

We prayed knowing that if God so willed, He could still grant our prayer request to overcome these hurdles despite the really slim odds. It was a great lesson for my children to learn to trust God in every situation.

Hallelujah ! All thanks and praise to God our Father and Jesus our Lord for granting our prayer wish to overcome all hurdles.

This incident reminded me of another I faced 2 decades ago.  My wife and I worshiped in a denominational church then.  We once planned a free-and-easy 4 day holiday in Ho Chi Minh City.   When other members came to know about our plan,  they wanted to join us as well.  In the end, I had to book a land package tour for 22 pax.  As the tour would start on a Sunday, the church lay leader was upset enough to curse us of God’s judgment for skipping Sunday service.  Later,  I realized we could still go for the service in the morning before heading for the airport.  I cast all my anxieties to God – the unease of bringing so many elderly folk and the unexpected curse – and also prayed for journey mercies.

On that very Sunday morning,  an elderly lady joining us for the tour received news of her brother-n-law’s death and she decided not to fly with us.  2 days later,  she had a heart attack.   If she had joined us and had the heart attack in Ho Chi Minh City,  it would prove the curse of the lay leader to be true and the entire blame would be upon me.  How wonderful was the peace God granted me when I brought all my anxieties to Him.  And the amazing deliverance from the curse and the journey mercy throughout the holiday.   All thanks and glory be to God our Father and Jesus our Lord.

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