Testimony (5)

After several years of working for corporations without apparent job security, I decided it was time to start my own enterprise. By the grace of God, the enterprise prospered from the first year of operation. With success came excesses as well and I started to drift away from God. It was nights of fine dining, partying, revelry and living the high life in the 90s. It was such extreme dissipation weighing down on my life.

The wake-up call came one day when I had a terrible fall at home. I could not remember the accident at all as I had a concussion. I was told that blood was oozing out fast from my head wound and I was unconscious. Halfway to the hospital in the ambulance, I woke up. After observation for a whole night and suffering no loss of memory, I was discharged.

While recuperating at home, I was reflecting how close I was to passing away. And would I be in Heaven with that kind of life without genuine repentance ? I was sure I was nowhere near being a disciple of Jesus with the grip-hold of the world on me then. Thank you, Lord for giving me a second chance.

In order to get my mind off work and the usual routine, I went to spend a few days in the cool Genting Highlands. As I went for a stroll with my wife one evening, I slipped and fell head on some 20 to 30 metres down a hilly slope. Not again ! ?  As I was falling down, I could even tell myself this time I am finished.  And my wife told me later that she also thought the same.

I landed on my bottoms at the foot with no broken limbs. My head did not bump against anything as well. I only had a slight scratch on my left leg with my pair of jeans slightly scratched too. It was incredible ! How did I do the somersault ? It happened so fast that I only remembered talking to myself.  Thank you, Lord, once again !

I believe God had kept my life for a purpose. I went back to church fellowship but the sudden turning back from the usual routine was tough. It was another turning point that made me turn back to God for good. It was that first vision which God gave me on 8th September 2001 in New York City. I stayed in the hotel next to the World Trade Centre buildings then.

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