USD 11 Trillion Wiped Out In Markets Globally In Late Aug And Sep 2015

Yes,  something did happen in the global financial system in September 2015.

USD 11 trillion was wiped out in markets globally in late Aug and Sep 2015.  Global trade has gone down by 8.4% which is unprecedented and global GDP has shrunk by 3.4% so far this year according to HSBC.

The figures are saying the global recession is under way.  We read of imploding hedge funds,  bond default of commodity and energy companies,  imploding large retailers,  the economic hardship of emerging economies due to appreciating US dollar, missing profit projection of global companies and their subsequent retrenchment between 10 to 20% of their workforce, the new recession under way in Japan and the tremendous economic hardship faced by several European countries right now with no relief in sight.

Yet it seems that there is a calm before the storm.

Is God being patient again waiting for His people to come out of Babylon ?

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