Biblical Balance

In Christian walk, we often need to tread on a biblical balance between extremes.

Thrift is good but going to the extreme of miserliness is bad, and generosity is good but going to the extreme of financial irresponsibility is bad.

Having too much money may make one to deny God and having too little may make one steal and dishonor God. Prov 30:8,9.

Likewise, we cannot believe God to be an out-and-out doting Father without any discipline,  or He is the harshest Judge without mercy.  Heb 12:4-13.  The truth is that not only God is merciful but He is also just.  Jer 9:24-25.

Commitment without reflection is fanaticism in action but reflection without commitment is the paralysis of all action – so said Dr John Mackay,  President of Princeton Seminary – also highlight the danger of taking either extreme.

As we are called to be salt and light so that others who see our good works can give glory to God, we have to share the gospel both in word and in deed. To insist on just sharing the gospel in word or just in deed are running towards extremes.

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