Holiday Cum Ministry Initiative

In what was a new initiative to kill two birds with one stone for JC’s Manifesto, I encouraged friends to take a holiday with a difference to do good at the same time.  Generous donations from these friends paid for staples to be distributed in 2 cemetery slums and the construction of some 4 toilets through the ministry assistance of Bethel Grace Ministry, Cambodia.  Presently,  the human waste is disposed by collecting it in plastic bags to be dumped in open ground.  (JC’s Manifesto has earlier committed monthly financial assistance for the teaching of English to the children there.)

Spent some time ministering to the believers living there as well.  One lady has just lost her teenage son and husband just 3 to 4 months ago.  I was touched  and choked with emotion when I saw her resilient faith and love for the Lord.  Another sister sobbed with her mother as I prayed for God’s blessings upon them.  Their contrition moved me to tears.

Thanks be to God for all His blessings and journey mercy in a time when the coronavirus pestilence is still raging, and the courage of friends to go and help the poor and needy in such times.

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